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After living in the same house for 36 years we sold it in 2009 and bought a fifth wheel and truck, planning on living the carefree life of full timing. We had never camped in an R.V. nor towed anything before so the lifesyle was not so carefree at first, but with lots of guidance from all the other wonderful travelers we met along the way we managed to navigate our way through a lot of  “interesting” experiences.

We spent our first two winters in Mission Tx. but this year it became necessary to stay in Canada. My goal is to document our experiences in the cold of Southern Ontario.

When winter is over I plan on continuing with this site and sharing our journey.

Ruth and Mike at Rancho Charro Texas





13 comments on “About”

  1. Good job Mum! xox

  2. Love your celery plant, Ruth! Good to see you again at Milton Heights last week! Bye for now, Titanium Anna

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  4. I really enjoy your blog, and I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can receive your award here: http://viewsofmyworld.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/thank-you/ 🙂

    • Thanks Lyann; Was thrilled to see you nominated me for One Lovely blog Award. One of the things about me is- until six months ago I didn’t even know how to start a computer. So this is all new to me. So what do I do now, and how? I figure you’ve just done it so you should know. Please help. Love your photos Ruth

      • Lol, I was stumped, too! You can right-click on the award image and save it as an image file. Then upload and insert into a post the same as any other photo. To use in a widget, you’ll have to upload it to Flickr so it will have a URL. Your template has only 3 widgets, but you can use the award image as one of them if you like, or in a custom menu (which will show at the top of your blog). You ‘must’ write 7 things about yourself and nominate 4 other blogs for the award. Make sure to provide a link to each blog (click in upper left corner of your screen to copy a link); link back to my blog, as well: http://viewsofmyworld.wordpress.com/ . I so enjoy your blog, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the award with you! Have fun passing it along 🙂

  5. Hi Ruth – I look forward to reading up about your travels. It may have its ups and downs, but it is certainly a lifestyle many of us won’t ever get to experience. Many thanks for the follow as well :).

    • There are many of us on the road, though admittedly we are retired and are ready to seek adventure again. The worst thing in life is to grow old and have nothing to look forward to.

      • You are so right – you just have to mix it up and keep it interesting!

  6. I love the photo of you two. You look so good together! I love the idea of your adventure and agree that we all need to keep evolving and changing, otherwise we could all spend our time looking back, rather than forwards. I really will enjoy hearing what you get up to, for I am a real home-bird who loves her garden and will probably never be able to free myself of the things which keep me happy. Best wishes and thank you for visiting sweetbabyveg. -Karen

    • As we get ready to move north for the summer we are evolving again with the purchase of a mobile home here in Texas. Plan on purchasing a similar unit in Canada and a camper van for travelling back and forth. Maybe I’ll be able to have a small garden in each place.

  7. Thank you for following my blog! It’s so nice to connect with fellow Titanium owners. I’ll be following your blog and look forward to see where your adventures take you.

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