Paint a Chair

When you live full time in a fifth wheel and spend a lot of time on the road there isn’t much room for any creative endeavors. In fact there’s not much room for much of anything. Writing my blog and the photography that goes with it are my only creative outlet.

All ready to paint

Ready to paint


First coat started.

First coat started-seat.

Anticipating buying a permanent place to call home in Canada my creative juices started flowing. Found an old, wobbly chair, free at the dump recycle area. It just needed the screws tightened and it was as good as new except for painting.


 Antibes Green

Antibes Green

A good opportunity to get some practice using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Read all about the paint on Pinterest, watch some Youtube videos, anybody can do it. No sanding, no prep; no prime coat; just my style.

More about Annie Sloan and her Chalk Paint:


Definitely needs two coats.

Definitely needs two coats.

Ordered my supplies from New Jersey, shipped to Texas and brought home to Canada. Not bad for paint that originates in the U.K.  You can’t just go to Home Depot and pick up a quart, only specialty boutiquey restoration/recycle shops carry Chalk paint; none in southern Texas; that’s why I had to have it shipped.

So how did it go?


Ta da! All done.

TA DAA! All done.

Well, it goes on nice and easy (no smell) and dries really quickly,  but if you want the perfect look, brand new from the store this is probably not the paint for you. Definitely needs two coats. If shabby chic is your style then definitely give it a try. Fortunately I love shabby chic.

After the paint dries you wax the piece. The wax combines with the paint to give it a hard permanent finish. Two or more light applications gives the finish good protection. Not a hard job but you do have to do small sections at a time.




Still  have more paint in other colors and another old chair, a wagon here in Canada and another wagon  in Texas. The wagons definitely have to be painted red.


3 comments on “Paint a Chair”

  1. Well done! What a gorgeous header photo!

  2. Looks great! Love the color.

  3. This one is nice and big so I can read it! 🙂

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