Crawfish, Crayfish—

Crawdads. Mudbugs. Miniature lobsters.

Called many things, depending where you’re from, but they all mean good eaten’.

Our first visit to New Orleans was when I first had crawfish. I’m not such an adventurous eater so when Mike insisted we go to a crawfish restaurant I agreed, reluctantly. It was a big place and it was packed with happy diners enjoying mounds of the red crustaceans.

What you see here is what you don't eat.

What you see here is what you don’t eat.

I figured all these people couldn’t be wrong so I tucked in. And they were good! A lot of work, though.

What's left.

What’s left.

For two people you probably should order five pounds of crawfish; they come with mini potatoes, corn on the cob and sausage all boiled together in a cauldron of spiced water- a well balanced “healthy” meal.

One crawfish.

One crawfish.

Five pounds sounds like a lot but there is a lot of waste. You only eat the flesh from the tail ( no bigger than the tip of my little finger) and if they are big enough, the claws, but usually they’re small.

Here he is up close.

Here he is up close and boiled.

If you get to Natchez MS and have a hankering for a good crawfish boil, try the Crawfish Shack. Not a very fancy place but very busy, mostly take-out, we ate in. Didn’t need the mess in the fifth wheel.


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