Kolorfull Mekiko

Yes, I meant to spell it that way. When we think of Mexico, many things come to mind. Brightly painted buildings, splendid churches, religious figurines, Mariachi bands and sombreros.

Religious statues

Religious statues

Mucho sombreros

Mucho sombreros

Mariachi band taking a break.

Mariachi band taking a break in Progreso.

But my favorite is talavera pots and decorative figures; a type of maiolica earthenware – that only comes from the city of Pueblo and surrounding towns. Originally introduced from Spain in the 1500s there is much tradition surrounding the manufacture of these pots and there are strict guidelines before a pot can be designated authentic.

Examples Of flower pots.

Examples Of flower pots.

The other side.

The other side.

Flower pot with small cacti.

Flower pot with small cacti.

I think what is mostly available in the border towns of Mexico and the US could be called “talavera style”. Nevertheless I like it and adds a spot of color to any garden or kitchen or even a bathroom. You can purchase sinks and Thomas A’s, tiles and door pulls.

Toilets. I don't think I'd want one of these.

Toilets=Thomas A’s. But, I wouldn’t want one of these.

Pretty birdbath, but I don't think it matters to the birds as long as there is water.

Pretty birdbath; I don’t think it matters to the birds as long as there is water.

Besides pots, all kinds of fun stuff is available. You can purchase a giraffe statue, a parrot, a frog or any number of animals.


A bird



A cat.



Your house number in talavera tiles.


And the best for last. An anatomically correct blue dog doing what boy dogs do.

Blue lifts his leg.

Leaking Blue does a lift.


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  1. Fun post, thanks!

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