Shopping- Not for the Faint of Heart

Now Where can I put this talavera urn?
What I miss most about living full time in an RV is shopping. Not the shopping for necessities like groceries and household paper products, but spending the afternoon in stores with no specific purchase in mind. Just browsing for that certain something that catches your eye. You don’t need to buy anything, but you know you could if you wanted to.

You never know when you might need a stage coach.

You never know when you might need a stage coach or a parrot.

I learned from a master shopper. My mother made it an art form. If there were an Olympic event for shopping she would have won gold. Her days were spent in malls searching out the perfect purchase. (Drove my dad nuts.) It didn’t really matter if the item fit or suited, it gave her an excuse to take it back to the store and search for more stuff.
Very roomy.

Very roomy.

Her motto was “If the going gets tough the tough go shopping”.
I never perfected her technique but I always enjoyed an afternoon at the mall. Now I shop with a man whose motto is “get in, find your item, pay for it and get out”. I hear things like “what are you looking at that for” or “you don’t need that”. Takes all the fun out of it. Not only that but if I do make a purchase, something has to go. There’s just not that much room in the fifth wheel.
And it's only how much?

And the stage coach is only how much?

But now that I have a mobile home to decorate I can indulge myself again. I need everything; new bedding, towels and dishes. I’ll be shopping for paint, flooring, light fixtures, new sinks and window treatment. Oh, the sleepless nights I’ve had planning what I’ll do. Just can’t shut the brain off.
For the out door chef.

For the out door chef.

Probably have to leave Mr. Practical in the plumbing department of Home Depot while I storm Bed, Bath and Beyond and T.J. Maxx.
Not fun but necessary.

Not fun but necessary.

Chaaaarge it.


One comment on “Shopping- Not for the Faint of Heart”

  1. Have fun!

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