Weather, it’s all Relative

This has been a winter of “gigantic” proportions. It seems that every other day we hear of another “stormageddon” assaulting the north, the northwest, or the northeast with another foot or two of the white stuff. My daughter’s family had to shovel snow off their roof!

Just a few pictures of our neighborhood even if it has been cool.

Just a few pictures of our neighborhood even if it has been cool.

A pelican in the front yard. Those are oranges in the background.

A pelican in the front yard. That’s a banana tree right behind it and oranges in the background.

Frigid temperatures have settled in all over the northern US and Canada. A major ice storm left many Southern Ontario residents without power for up to five days over Christmas. I don’t know how those poor souls managed. Flights are cancelled, people stranded in strange cities, schools closed and we are still only into early January. Still three or more months of this (for some).

Flowers still blooming.

Flowers still blooming.

Meanwhile in Green Bay Wisconson die hard fans showed up at Lambeau Stadium on Sunday afternoon (not a domed stadium) for a playoff game between the Packers and 49ers. May have been the coldest football game on record. Temperatures at kick off time measured at 4 F with wind chill of 14 below. That’s minus 16 to minus 26 in celsius. Otherwise known as realllly cold. Free coffee and hot chocolate for those brave enough to attend. What do we call that game the Freezer Bowl or the Ice Bowl?


Roosters and red hibiscis

Roosters and red hibiscis

Not to sound like I’m complaining or anything but weather down here in the sunny south has been no hell either. We had the “Trip from Hell”
to escape all that winter weather and we’ve had rain, rain and more rain interspersed with a couple of nice sunny days. All the cabin fevered, shut-ins flock outside to enjoy the few rays before cold temperatures, into the low forties or even maybe into the thirties, gasp, drive us all indoors to await the next few days of warmth that brings us out again. No pool time since before Christmas. No shorts and Happy Hours have to be scheduled for the next warm day. It’s got to get better sometime soon. I know come the end of February it will be so hot here we’ll maybe be ready to head home to cooler climes, but I doubt it. Last spring we delayed our return to Canada to early May and we had snow on Mothers’ Day. Still I’m much happier here dealing with a little rain and some cold rather than shoveling the white stuff in frigid temperatures.

The only one willing to brave the cool temperatures, but the pool is there ready for warmer temperatures to arrive.

The only one willing to brave the cool temperatures, but the pool is there ready for warmer days to come.


4 comments on “Weather, it’s all Relative”

  1. I enjoyed your post and pictures. I’m soooooo glad to be in Florida and not Ontario these days, right now its sunny and 79F, the temperature does go up and down here as well, it was a few degrees below freezing a couple of nights this week, a lot of plants are looking pretty droopy now.

  2. Canoe was on the car.Car hitched to RV. RV loaded and ready. ….As we drove out the driveway the red brake lights came on. 5 days later we just got it back and are in the process now of canceling some early reservations in FL. We don’t plan to come to TX this winter and i miss Americana already! Enjoy your stay!

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