Trip From Hell Ends

Rain on the windshield.

Finally in Louisiana and you’d think it would be warm by now. NOT!

Took a much needed rest day in Monroe LA.

Day 7 Sunday Nov 24

Slept late. Had an afternoon nap. Went for several walks with the dog. RELAXED. Temperatures outside never above 42F. (4 in Canadian). NO harsh words were spoken. Plan on traveling two nights and three days to get to our winter home. Usually we spend two or three days on Mustang Island on the gulf of Mexico but it will be way too cold with the winds blowing right off the gulf. Hope it warms up soon.

Day 8 Monday Nov 25

Rain on the window

More rain on the window

Rained all night, awoke to temperatures of 36F and never got much warmer. A mile down the road we found a RV dealer where we were able to buy a new battery for the RV. Mike installed it right there in the parking lot in the cold and rain. See previous post. Drove south all day- rained all day- cold all day. We made it into Texas and the weather isn’t much better than when we left Canada. Stayed in a campground outside Buffalo TX. and a more barren place would be hard to find but we had water, electric and sewer hookups and we were warm and safe and dry. Rained all night and Boscoe found his first sand burrs. Ouch!

If you're in Texas there has to be horses. Woke up to find this guy feeding on the other side of the fence.

If you’re in Texas there has to be horses. Woke up to find this guy feeding on the other side of the fence.

Camped all alone in a large field.

Camped all alone in a large field-Buffalo TX.

Day 9 Tuesday Nov 26

Woke up to rain and 36F. Rained all morning. Sun tried to come out, first sunshine in a week. Stayed in a nice RV park in Victoria Tx, had dinner, did laundry and took the dog for a walk. In the evening Boscoe jumped off the bed and hurt himself (it’s a high bed). He huddled in a corner all night and couldn’t climb stairs. We had a very sleepless night.

Our last RV park on our last night.

Our last RV park on our last night.

Day 10 Wednesday Nov 27 Last day!

Got up early, found a vet who would see him right away. Gave him a thorough examination and found no serious injury. Prescribed an anti inflammatory. Put it in his breakfast and he gobbled it all down. Left Victoria at 10 A.M. for the last lap of our trip to sunny skies and warmish temperatures. What a mood booster sunshine is. A short three and a half hour drive brought us to our winter destination. At last! Boscoe recognized his winter home as we drove in. He leaped out of the truck and ran around barking with joy, greeting all his old friends. Very different from the pathetic creature of the night before.

Traveled 2150 miles for this.

Traveled 2150 miles for this.

We arrived in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with old friends and new and this year we were especially thankful to have arrived safely after such a difficult trip. It was by far the worst trip we’ve had and has made us rethink how we will continue.

Footnote: Since we arrived we replaced the EGR valve that was causing the check engine light to come on, and also the passenger side wheel assembly(hub). Mike also had the steering rebuilt. Fairly costly but far less than if we had had it done in Canada, and cost doesn’t matter when it comes to safety.


6 comments on “Trip From Hell Ends”

  1. What a trip!! I miss Americana already!
    We put on 4 new tires….and got a new battery charger…fingers crossed!

  2. Ruth and Mike,
    We are so glad you checked out our new travel blog “Sunset Gypsies”. We’ve enjoyed checking out your blog and have been reading about your adventures and misadventures as full-time travelers. Mike and I have been reading travel blogs for a couple of years now and kind of getting an idea what we are up against. We acknowledge that Murphy’s Law is second only to gravity and even then it’s a toss up. We love your new smaller “home” for getting around. Loved reading about Boscoe. Give him a rub behind the ears from his new “friends” from Alabama. By the way. You mentioned Gulf Shores. Hope you can come back sometime for a better experience. The sunset header on our blog is from our campsite on Mobile Bay looking across to the city. We look forward to sharing your stories and ours.
    Mike and Linda Smith

    • Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed your feed back. Sometimes when you write it feels like you’re writing into a void. Look forward to reading about all your great adventures to come. There is really no life like this and we love it and I know you will too.
      Ruth from At Home on the Road

      • I know exactly what you mean about “writing into a void”. I have one follower who not only comments, we have whole conversations. It’s always a treat when you know someone is “listening” when you pour out your heart. But those are few and far between. How long have you been blogging? I started two years ago.

      • I started blogging in December of 2011 to document our experiences spending a winter in Canada, in our fifth wheel. Not the most fun experience and we won’t do that again! At the time I knew nothing about computers and thought it would be a good time to learn. It helped to have my very own in house computer guru. Here I am almost three years later and Mike is complaining about not getting fed because I’m always on the computer.

      • My Mike is my own in house computer guru, fixit man, and jack of all trades. He can’t complain much about not getting fed because he’s the cook in the family, too. I burn water.

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