Truck Goes to Sick Bay

So, why is there a tow truck in our front yard and why is our pick up truck being winched onto the flat bed?

On the ramp.

On the ramp.

Thanksgiving weekend we had all those family things to do. A two hour trip north and back from turkey time successfully completed, we parked the truck out front of the fifth wheel when we got home on Sunday night and left it there until Tuesday morning.

With a full week of appointments ahead of us we got ready to head out when our faithful steed failed us. No steering – at all!

Called Good Sam Club for a tow; the first time we’ve had to use the service. Tow truck arrived within a half hour and hauled it away. We recommend Good Sam highly, especially for those who tow and/or have a truck.

Turns out we needed a new power steering pump. All fixed now and we are mobile again.

We were so lucky this happened in our drive way. I shudder to think how inconvenient this could have been if we were on the road, and even worse if we had been towing.

Mike maintains the truck well and tries to foresee any problems, stays on top of things, but sometimes surprises crop up.

All loaded and ready to go.

All loaded and ready to go.


4 comments on “Truck Goes to Sick Bay”

  1. You nearly had to change the name of your blog to “At Home NOT On the Road.” glad you’re all fixed now.

  2. How can be Thanksgiving be in the past tense? I’m confused.

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