St Jacobs Rises from the Ashes

Photo credit by CP24

I wrote about St Jacobs Farmers’ Market in the spring of 2012.

A major tourist attraction, this market draws visitors from all over Southern Ontario every Thursday and Saturday year round and on Tuesdays, as well, in the summer months.

Before the fire

Before the fire- photo by Jonnie

Peddlar's Village- one of the buildings.

Peddlar’s Village- the other building

To the indoor vendors.

To the indoor vendors.

We love browsing up and down the aisles, purchasing produce and interesting craft items. There are cattle auction barns, that we never visit. Two large post and beam buildings housed crafts and food vendors selling meat, cheese and baked goods. Food stalls sold everything from apple fritters and doughnuts to sushi and pierogies.

Beeswax candles for sale

Beeswax candles for sale

Gourds for sale


More gourds

More gourds

Early on the morning of Sept 2nd, Labor Day, fire destroyed the main building. All that was left standing were a few steel beams. We feared this was the death knell for this great landmark but crews worked day and night to remove the burnt remains and set up alternate outdoor stalls; the market opened on Thursday only three days after the fire.

A sad day at the market

A sad day at the market- photo credit- The Windsor Star

All that remained

All that remained- photo credit-The Star

Three weeks later, when we visited the burned site it was paved over and fenced off, otherwise there was little evidence of the devastation. Crowds filled the aisles outdoors and accommodations were made in the second building to house some of the burned out merchants.

Paved over site

Paved over site – post fire

Whats left of a beam support.

Whats left of a beam support.

Demolition underway

Demolition underway

The area is fenced off

The area is fenced off

Plans are in the works to erect a portable tent like shed by December to house displaced vendors for this winter while plans for a new structure are underway. This time they will be installing a sprinkler system.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup

Fall flowers Fall flowers

Fall flowers 

You can get just about anything here

You can get just about anything here

We look forward to the renewal.


2 comments on “St Jacobs Rises from the Ashes”

  1. Very interesting post and weird vegetables! Hope you get your Farmers’ Market back in all its glory.

  2. Such a wonderful, encouraging story! Good for them!

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