Unique Garden Planters in the Country

I’ve seen this done on Pinterest, only they filled the bowls and even the tanks with flowers. This one didn’t quite cut it. Looks like they didn’t get their toilet all the way to the dump after the renovation.

A cleverly re-purposed cream separator.


Only in the country would you find a piece of old farm equipment used as a garden ornament. Any farmers out there know what this was used for?



2 comments on “Unique Garden Planters in the Country”

  1. The farm wagon is a gravity wagon, it has sloped sides and a door on the side that opens to allow grain to flow out of the wagon into an augur, or grain pit.
    In Portland a local plumber had a tub and toilet in his yard filled with beautiful flowers….. I saved an old porcelain sink from one of my husband’s demolition projects and hope to partially bury it and plant flowers in it next spring.

  2. I’ve seen toilets filled with sweet peas! lol

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