My Quest is Done

Many years ago during numerous camping trips in Northern Ontario I often heard a bird call that was hauntingly beautiful. For me this bird song meant hot summer afternoons camped by a Canadian lake in north country or canoeing a wilderness river to a secluded campsite. It meant summertime freedom from the work week but nobody could tell me who sang this lovely song, so every year when I heard his call I would search the forest for this elusive bird.

This summer I found pictures on my camera that I hadn’t taken.  (Mike snapped them at our feeder while I was inside getting dinner.) This was a fellow I had never seen, he had yellow eyebrows and a white bib. Out came my bird guide which identified him as a White-throated sparrow. I had to know what he sounded like. Looked him up on the internet and ta-da there was my mystery bird song. I was so thrilled to finally find my beautiful songster.

Here is a clip of his song. Doesn’t he sound lovely?

I think I’m beginning to sound like a birder.


One comment on “My Quest is Done”

  1. Wonderful! His sound always reminds us of the north woods! You have the best of both worlds….the North Woods and the Rio Grande Valley. Welcome to the club!

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