I’m Not a Mountain Gal

The scenery is beautiful. The mountain vistas are breathtaking. The air is cool and clean. You can see for miles from the mountain tops. Quaint villages dot the landscape. All this grandeur and I don’t feel comfortable. I like rolling hills of farm land and being able to see farther than the next bend in the road. I like to look out the passenger window of the truck and not look down, waaay down. I feel claustrophobic in the mountains. Trees crowd in and mountain rocks rise above.

The pictures here are not typical for the area. There are lots of beautiful homes and most of the vehicles are new and shiny but they aren’t as photogenic.

I don’t know who Dr. Grabow was or who presmoked the pipes he manufactured and more importantly, who would want want to smoke a pipe smoked by someone else.  Makes ya think. The good doctor must have done something right, taking his business from a small garage type factory in rural Sparta, North Carolina, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains to this huge, modern facility.

Grabow info:


Had some authentic, good ole’ Southern Cooking. Deep fried okra, not my favorite but there was also deep fried hush puppies, deep fried potato cakes,deep fried fish and if your heart could take it after all that fat, deep fried pie. I could feel my arteries clog as I ate. No, we didn’t have the pie.

We stayed at the Stone Mountain State Park for three nights before finishing our trip. I’ll write about it in my next post.


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