Northbound at Last

Only three days in Florida and it’s time to leave on the last leg of our trip home to Canada.  We couldn’t leave without dipping our feet into the Atlantic Ocean so we headed straight east to take A1A highway along the coast towards St Augustine (the oldest continually inhabited city in mainland USA). We wanted to see plenty of ocean views.

Unfortunately the  east coast of Florida is not big rig friendly and we found very few places to pull over let alone park and get to the beach.

Finally we found a good, free parking lot near Marineland where we could pull in, have lunch and wade in the surf.

I know there,s water out there.

I know there’s water out there.

Ahh that feels good.

Ahh that feels good.

The day was perfect, temperatures were ideal, no wind like on the Gulf and the ocean was calm. We had a peaceful interlude before buckling up and heading north.


2 comments on “Northbound at Last”

  1. Love Florida! Love the ocean. Are you missing it?

    • I do miss the ocean, though our winter home is in Texas, not close to any water. Here in Canada we are on a lake but it doesn’t have the energy that the ocean has.
      Ruth from At Home on the Road

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