Gaga for Golf Carts

At The Villages, in Florida, right after you buy your home you go shopping for your golf cart. Like some cars, the golf cart can be the ultimate status symbol; and you don’t have to play golf to own one.

plain Jane

plain Jane

You can get an ordinary two seater, very plain Jane, that will get you from here to there. Or you can opt for a custom job that is road worthy. Your imagination and your wallet are the only limits.


This is big business here. There are several shops that do custom golf carts and they can do anything you want. For a price.

Because this is an “age restricted” community you’ll find a lot of the residents can no longer get a driver’s license but there is no restriction on driving a golf cart. There are golf cart paths throughout and carts are allowed in the town squares and residential areas. Tunnels have been built under the highways so you can get to the mall or Walmart without using your car.

A gaggle of golf carts

A gaggle of golf carts

These Villagers know how to have fun. We saw Jag golf carts, Jeep golf carts, Mercedes golf carts and even Rolls golf carts. There were hot rod golf carts and classic car replicas; maybe a copy of your first car or the car you never had and always wanted. Costs can be anywhere from 10 thousand dollars upwards to 60 thousand or more.

golf carts black & white

Cool motorcycle too

Cool motorcycle too

Here in Canada Mike and I don’t have a golf cart (we need the exercise) but one of these souped up vehicles would be fun to tool around town in.

To see more on The Villages golf carts in four minutes, click on:


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  1. That is hilarious.

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