Florida, The Home of Flamingos and Spanish Moss

So much to see and do in The Sunshine State. There’s Disney World, Universal Studios and Epcot Center, Legoland and Seaworld. We could have visited Miami Beach or Daytona Beach. Key Largo beckoned or maybe the gulf side in St Pete’s. But our destination was Ocala. Who goes to Ocala, for heavens sake? Right in the middle of the state, not near a major body of water or a great attraction, but they do have their own prison.

Outside Gator Joe's

Outside Gator Joe’s

Our reason for going there was to visit friends, John and Diane, from our park in Canada.  Stayed at their campground in Florida while they showed us around their little corner of paradise.

To be fair, Ocala and the surrounding countryside is very pretty, horse and cattle country. Lots of big farms and ranches, sort of like Southern Ontario with Spanish moss.

Had a tour of the area. Visited The Villages, a unique adult community, took tons of pictures for my next post or two or three.

Ended our day at Gator Joe’s, a special restaurant in an out of the way location, on Lake Weir in Ocklawaha, Florida. You probably wouldn’t find it unless you were a local or knew a local; off the beaten track, but worth it.

Sign post to get there from anywhere

Sign post to get there from anywhere

You can eat out on the pier

You can eat out on the pier

We could have ordered deep fried alligator tail but opted for good ole’  fish and chips. Excellent fish and chips they were too.

For more on Gator Joe’s go to:http://www.gatorjoesocala.com/

The next couple of post will be about The Villages and the golf cart phenomenon.



One comment on “Florida, The Home of Flamingos and Spanish Moss”

  1. Love Florida! Are you missing it?

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