Farewell to New Orleans

All the pictures and events in my previous seven posts happened within a five block area and a three hour time span. New Orleans really is a “happenin” city. This post is the last featuring this wonderful city. It’s time to move on.

An old house in the French Quarter

An old house in the French Quarter

I love all old things.  Old homes, old furniture, old villages and old cities. Bourbon Street and the French Quarter has it all for me. I imagine how it must have been when paddle wheelers traveled the Mississippi River and docked In New Orleans. I picture southern belles with their parasols and wide skirts strolling along the streets or seated on their balconies to catch a cool breeze and dashing gentlemen driving carriages through the city casually smoking their cheroots.

As a farewell tribute to New Orleans here are some photos of some of the beautiful wrought iron balconies that can be found everywhere in the city.

balcony seating

Now what you see on most balconies are party animals.

Balconies full of revelers watching the action below.

Balconies full of revelers watching the action below.

Next post we are off to the Sunshine State of Florida.


4 comments on “Farewell to New Orleans”

  1. Looking forward to following your adventures on the road, I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. Your next stop, Florida is where I grew up, St. Petersburg to be more specific. If your are heading that direction my favorite beach is Clearwater other sights to see are Fort De Soto Park, Sunken Gardens, The Million Dollar Pier really there is not a place that I would not recommend. Have fun and I look forward to your updates. Have a great night, Allie.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe next winter I will visit Clearwater (it sounds great) as this trip to Florida is over and we are back in Canada for the summer. I’ll let it be a surprise where we do visit. We did enjoy it though.
      Ruth from At Home on the Road

  2. Well three cheers for digital cameras. They enable you to take loads of great photos, especially when you are smitten with one particular place. I have enjoyed New Orleans vicariously through you and look forward to Florida (although I see you are in Canada). I’m missing the seaside as we are currently in the Arizona desert.

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