Weddings New Orleans Style

New Orleans is a great honeymoon destination. Heck if I wasn’t already married I’d spend my honeymoon in this exciting city. Great hotels, fun things to do, lots of entertainment, plenty of fine restaurants and romantic style old architecture. But if you get married here, the thing to do is parade down Bourbon Street with a police escort, a jazz band, your whole wedding party and all your guests. While we were there we saw six processions

Wedding dancers

Wedding dancers

By far the most interesting was the Indian wedding; exotic Indian music and native dancers in the street. Only the groom and his side of the family were there. Mounted on a white horse he was being led to meet the bride for the ceremony. They put on a good show even though the saddle slipped sideways causing  the groom to fall off his horse. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that.

The groom just before he fell off his horse

The groom just before he fell off his horse

The brides were radiant.

    The bands were enthusiastic.            

The guests had a grand time.

wedding 5 guests

The crowds on the street loved it. Lots of photo ops. In New Orleans you don’t need a reason for a party and on Bourbon Street there is always a party, but a wedding adds to the fun.

Police escort

Complete with police escort


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