The Ultimate Dining Experience – New Orleans

New Orleaneans really know how to party. This is a wide open city. On Bourbon Street open containers of alcohol are allowed. Visiting the border town of Progreso, Mexico, it was also wide open.

Is a beer bottle in the hand worth more than two in thew gutter?

Is a beer bottle in the hand worth more than two in the gutter?

A good sign

A very good sign – possible double entendre?

Food and drink are an integral part of any visit to New Orleans. At the Information Center when we crossed into Louisiana we were told the can’t miss item in New Orleans was a visit to Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. Beignets are pillow shaped deep fried bits of dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar, supposed to be delicious. I don’t know, we didn’t have them.

Another good sign

Another good sign

Restaurants are everywhere, serving all things Cajun or Creole. Seafood, Red beans and rice, Gumbo,Jambalaya, Po-Boys and Etouffe are specialties of the region. All food is spicy and filling and served in most restaurants. Crawfish and shrimp boils are popular choices. You can dine in fine establishments or small hole in the wall joints. But on this visit we had none of this.

One of the better establishments.

One of the better joints.

boiled crawfish, corn & sausage ready to eat

boiled crawfish, corn & sausage ready to eat

Why, you might ask, when in one of the greatest dining cities in the U.S. would you share a submarine sandwich, three ways, sitting on the curb in the heart of Bourbon Street? Well I’ll tell you. Boscoe, our loving and faithful companion on this adventure, who goes everywhere with us has developed a case of separation anxiety. If we leave him alone in the trailer he cries pathetically, all the time we’re gone. When we are in a more permanent site we usually find him a baby sitter but when we are on the road, in State parks where the sites are fairly small,  it is not a good idea to leave him behind. So on this tour he accompanied us. That meant no fine dining.

Boscoe does Bourbon Street

Boscoe does Bourbon Street

Boscoe gets love

Boscoe gets love

Bourbon Street is not the best place to take a dog (too busy, too crowded) but he managed quite well. Got lots of attention and loving.


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