Mustang Island State Park

Left Americana right on schedule, 9 A.M. on April 9th and headed for our first stop; the shop, to get a wheel alignment on the fifth wheel. Remember way back I mentioned we had a blow out on the way down; well it turns out we needed a new axle and one wheel bearing.

In the shop

In the shop

We get a new axle

We get a new axle

Had already replaced all four tires. We must have traveled some pretty rough roads. Four hours of work and multi dollars later we were finally on the road to Mustang Island State Park, Corpus Christie in Texas, where we stayed a few days on our trip down.

In the surf

In the Gulf surf

When we left Mission it was a very hot day (95F or 32C) and the temperatures soared to 103F/35C as we traveled, but after a three hour drive north we arrived on the Gulf of Mexico to 80F/25C,  over a twenty degree drop.

103f  two days before and now I need a winter coat

103f two days before and now I need a winter coat

On the coast the wind always seems to blow and I mean really blow. It blew and blew into the afternoon of the second day. It blew so hard off the gulf that the tide came up so high they had to evacuate beach campers during the night.

Water in the parking lot

Water on the beach and in the parking lot

It died down for a while; as we watched, a front move in from the north and the wind changed direction bringing cold air with it. It blew all night,the trailer was just a rockin’ and a rollin’, and then the rain came; not just rain, I mean torrential rain with thunder and lightning. In the morning we found lakes in the parking lot but the sun was bright and it was so cold we had to put the furnace on with 58F/14C inside. What a change! A sign of things to come as we travel home.

High Tide

High Tide

We love the energy of the gulf. The wind and the waves are so exciting but I don’t think I’d want to stay here for any length of time. It is humid all the time, towels are always damp and the salt and sand aren’t good for your vehicles. You have to wash them down regularly to prevent corrosion.

sandy dog footprints

sandy dog prints

I know there's something in there

I  know there’s something in there

Beach dog

Sandy beach dog

Boscoe loves it here. He knows where we are when we pull in to the park and he’s ready for the beach any time. There is surf to play in, seaweed to roll in,  birds to chase and holes in the sand to explore.

gopher hole

gopher hole

Laughing gulls

Laughing gulls

When we get onto the beach we lose all track of time, picking up shells, identifying birds, searching through the seaweed for beach treasures or trash and taking pictures of everything. Shore birds are hard to photograph; they are never still, running frantically through the surf looking for their dinner.

Portuguese Man of War

Portuguese Man of War-Jellyfish

And speaking of dinner; if you like seafood this is the place to be. Fresh gulf shrimp is abundant and all the seafood restaurants have their own boats or suppliers going out onto the gulf  daily to catch fish for evening diners. Now that’s fresh. Our favorite is Snoopy’s, a rustic pier eatery with indoor and outdoor dining overlooking Corpus Christi Bay.

Snoopy's Pier

Snoopy’s Pier

Outside Snoopy's

Outside Snoopy’s

Had a great seafood dinner out on the deck, watched pelicans and gulls overhead and the boats sailing in from a day on the water. It doesn’t get any better!

Sunset at Snoopy's, the end of a perfect day

Sunset at Snoopy’s, the end of a perfect day

Next stop Goose Island State Park.


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