Buenos Dias from Mexico

Finally! After being here in Texas for over three months we went to Mexico. Nuevo Progreso is a small town, just a short walk across a bridge that spans the Rio Grande river separating the two countries.  I wouldn’t describe it as a typical Mexican town, but it is a typical border town.

A busy street

Typical cart vendor on a busy street

Hat man

Hat man

Everything that is there is for tourists. Stalls with all kinds of touristy stuff line the main street on both sides for about twelve blocks and it is not considered safe to go beyond those blocks, or venture off main street.

old woman begging

old woman begging

Children sell gum on the street or outright beg; old ladies sit on the sidewalk with their little cups begging. Vendors sell everything from jewelry to garlic ropes and street food stalls are on every corner selling tacos, chicharones or elotes (remember from my previous post about pulgas, that’s roasted corn).


It’s crowded and noisy, busy and dirty but the bustling energy is exciting.

dresses for sale in the Mexican flag colors

dresses for sale in Mexican flag colors

colorful bowls

colorful bowls

street vendor

street vendor stall


raspados-snow cone

Our purpose for this trip was to get our teeth cleaned, have lunch and do a little shopping. Dentistry is big business in Progreso;  it seems that every other building has a dental clinic offering services from cleaning to implants,crowns and bridges at prices considerably lower than Canadian or American prices. People without a dental plan at home wait till they get to Mexico to get their major dental work done.



another dentist

another dentist

pharmacies and dentist everywhere

Pharmacies and dentist everywhere. I counted 5 pharmacies and 3 dentists in this photo

The money you save can pay for your trip. There are hawkers on the sidewalk trying to get you to to visit this dentist or that dentist, but it is a wise idea to get a referral from someone who has been happy with the work they had done. I have heard some horror stories.

me, browsing. Didn't buy the hat

Me, browsing. Didn’t buy the hat

Browsed through the stalls, had some lunch, brushed our teeth (with bottled water) and went to the dentist. That’s when things went sour. Dra. Veronica did a thorough check up on my teeth and found I had an abscess on a tooth that supported a bridge, and the tooth could not be saved, so back I went the next day. She removed the old bridge, extracted the tooth and fitted a temporary bridge till the gums healed. She did a great job, no swelling,very little pain.

inside the pharmacy

inside the pharmacy

A week and a half later I went back so they could take impressions for the permanent bridge, came out with my face badly swollen and lots of pain. Will go back in two weeks (the day before we are due to leave),  to get the permanent bridge put in . That will make four trips to Mexico. Probably should have done this earlier.

taco stand

taco stand

In store pharmacies are also plentiful meaning most stores are selling  pharmaceuticals, again, at discounted prices. They also have people at the entrances trying to entice tourists to buy at their stores. Bought my antibiotics for the infection and Tylenol for the pain at one of these. Really cheap!

yellow bicycle

yellow bicycle cart

While I spent many hours in the dentists chair, I set Mike loose with the camera, so all pictures featured in this post are his contribution.


pineapples literally on the road

He took so many great photos, I will do another post. I think I’ll call it Sights, Sounds and People of Mexico


2 comments on “Buenos Dias from Mexico”

  1. You look great. You have lost weight since we last saw you. Definitely go back and by the hat. It suits you!!!

  2. Ruth, I used one of your beautiful pix on my computer for ‘wallpaper’. You take really great pictures.

    Nice hat, BTW 🙂

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