After a hot dry summer finally the rains came and after the rains came,  the wild mushrooms followed.

Puffballs, one ready and one for later

So many different kinds and I can’t identify any of them, except of course the puffballs. I wrote about these in an earlier post.

These are the only mushrooms I will eat, knowing they are non poisonous. I’ve gone years without finding any and so far this year we’ve had two, and I know where two more are growing till they are big enough to pick. But I’m not telling. Mike did the honors on this one, again.

Well cooked. Mmmmm!

He cut it into thick slices and dipped it into eggs and fried it with plenty of seasoning. It had the taste  and texture of an omelette. Really good!

shelf fungus

The other easily identifiable fungus  are shelf fungus clinging to rotting tree stumps. Are they edible? There are some varieties that are and some are used in Chinese medicine, ground up into a powder. But mostly they are just too woody  to even attempt to eat.

tree with shelf fungi

shelf fungus from below

All the other mushrooms and toadstools we just admired, photographed and moved on.

little mushrooms on a tree stump

I’ve read other blogs about people going mushroom hunting in the woods and coming home with baskets of them and then cooking and EATING them. I just don’t know anything about them so I’ll leave that to the experts.

same ones above but past their prime

I photographed this group at different stages. The dark picture was taken at dusk. Got an interesting effect quite by accident but I like the contrast.

a bunch of mushrooms

mushrooms shot in the dark

This clump of gray mushrooms came up quickly, as mushrooms do, and only lasted a couple of days. They definitely look suspicious to me.

gray mushrooms. I wouldn’t eat these

And this last photo is of the same mushrooms as the ones in the lead picture, two days later. Definitely past their prime!


2 comments on “Fungi”

  1. As always your photos are delightful. I don’t eat mushrooms but others we work with at the state park in VT do and we have several edible varieties each year, and a lot that look so nasty I can’t imagine anyone wanting to eat them! Where are you now?

    • Hi Marsha
      We finally made it to Mission Texas on Dec. 10. Our internet access is not great but will try to get back to my blog soon. Got lots of great pictures to share.

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