A Fall Walk in the Park

Yard ornaments and garden furniture are put away, awnings are rolled up,screened rooms are coming down and all the planters are emptied of their flowers.

reflection of the last canoe at the lake

The boats and canoes are being brought up from the lake to be stored on campsites, and the golf carts are wrapped up in tarps as protection from winter’s snow and sleet. Everywhere you go in the park the smell of moth balls wafts over you. These are scattered over the ground underneath trailers to deter mice, squirrels and chipmunks from invading trailers over the winter.

A fall walk in the park

The trees are changing color and beginning to shed their leaves.We see berries on the trees, food for the winter birds.

berries for the birds

Milkweed pods and thistles are bursting open and releasing their fluffy seeds. On the ground we found horse chestnuts (brought back memories of playing conkers as kids).

milkweed fluff

thistle flowers

thistle fluff

Black walnuts are ripe and the squirrels all have black faces and paws, evidence that they’ve been peeling the staining covers to get at the nuts within.

sweet peas last blooms

Fall flowers are gloriously blooming. The last bright spots left over from summer.

black eyed susans

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. Traditionally the weekend to close down the trailer for the winter. There will be a few stragglers here after that, but essentially the season will be over. The park staff will be getting the park ready for winter. Winterizing trailers, park clean up, tree trimming and shutting off and purging  the water lines. We hope that all takes at least two weeks because we are not planning on leaving until Oct 22nd.

trailer wrapped up for winter

If we are lucky the weather will hold until then. It’s no fun pulling out in bad weather.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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