Cedar Rail Fences

Autumn is upon us. The days are bright and crisp but definitely getting shorter and the nights are colder. So many changes around here with the trees changing color and shedding their leaves.

hooked rail

We went for a long walk in the park and surrounding woods and took so many great pictures that I couldn’t possibly  put into one post so I will split them up over several.


This is a large park spread over many acres with three distinct and separate camping areas. Throughout the park there are many cedar rail fences and if you really look at them you can see how beautiful these rails are.


Yellow, green and brown mosses grow on the rails creating interesting patterns and effects. Some are fuzzy, some are crusty and some are just a haze covering the wood.

Often we don’t really pay attention to the things that surround us. When I really took the time to look I saw the unique beauty of a very simple thing like a cedar rail fence.

yellow moss on a fence

In future posts I will write about Our  Walk in the Park, Fall Colors and Fungi. Watch for them.

yellow moss


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