Summer is Winding Down

After a summer that was mostly hot and dry, the weather is gradually changing. More rain, cooler days and cold nights. But still, summer is with us; you just know that around the corner are the cooler days of autumn leading into winters’ cold blasts.

Just a few leaves have changed

As we drive around the rural roads there are subtle signs of the changing seasons. The trees are not so bright green, they are duller and some have slight tinges of red and orange.

Fall asters

Fall asters are blooming by the roadside and there are great yellow patches of goldenrod at the field edges and in the woods.



The milkweed pods are swelling, it won’t be long before they burst open to cast their seeds floating away. Next year’s food for returning Monarch butterflies.

rust colored mums

At garden centers, rows of brightly colored mums are for sale to refresh summer tired gardens.

Ripening pumpkins

Ripening pumpkins sit beside fields of corn waiting for harvest and the soy beans are turning yellow and drying. They are usually the last thing the farmers harvest.

The park International parade-Japan

Here at our campground all the activities ended for the season on the Labor Day weekend. On the Sunday there was a parade with an international theme (great fun for the kids).

harem girl


The park owners put on a great fireworks display after dark followed by a golf cart drive through with all the carts decorated with Christmas lights. It was a big blowout for the last night of the season. By Monday evening nearly everyone had left, just us retired folk, the place was like a ghost town. So peaceful.


Looking forward to leaving  for the south later in the fall. Not sure when but probably mid November, before the snow flies.


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