Puff Balls

Can you identify this? Commonly found in the woods or an abandoned farm field, the giant puff ball is the only wild mushroom I will eat, confidently, knowing I won’t die a horrible death from mushroom poisoning.

toadstools, don’t know if they’re safe to eat

At this time of year wild mushrooms are plentiful in the woods near us. Some nature lovers collect them for a big feed of wild mushrooms. Not I. You really have to know your stuff to tell the difference between those that are safe to eat and the deadly poisonous ones.

How it looks on the inside

No other mushroom looks like a puff ball and I know they are edible so I’m thrilled when I find one. Unlike other mushrooms, puff balls do not grow on stems. The flesh, a creamy white, is solid throughout. No gills.

On the barbeque

We tried barbequing it  but were disappointed in it’s bland flavor and soft texture, so the next night I peeled and cubed it and fried it with onions and garlic and it tasted just like onions and garlic and the texture is much softer than regular mushrooms.  Mike says it’s like cooking with marshmallows. Like tofu, puff balls have very little taste of their own, they take on the flavor of what you cook it with.


With onion & garlic

Mike is going to cook it tonight. We’ll see how that turns out. He likes to put every spice and sauce we have into whatever he cooks. His motto ” if a little is good a lot must be great.” Sometimes it works and sometimes, well……

My version

He cooked it. He put in every spice and sauce we had and it was delicious. This was one of the times when it worked. Asked him how he made it. His answer “you don’t want to know just enjoy it.”

His version. Which looks better?

And as proof that puff balls are non poisonous, after three meals I’m still here to tell the tale.



3 comments on “Puff Balls”

  1. […] So many different kinds and I can’t identify any of them, except of course the puffballs. I wrote about these in an earlier post.  https://rlogan1155.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/puff-balls/ […]

  2. I did not think you could eat puff balls! Thanks! They look very tasty.

    • Puff balls are only edible when they are white inside. if they are turning brown or discolored inside they are not edible.
      Ruth from At Home on the Road

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