Sights by the Road

I took so many pictures for my last post that I really wanted to share with you, so I decided to do a random post, no real theme, just stuff I photographed on our drives around the country side.

One brown llama

There are lots of cows and horses, goats and sheep, stuff like that, but they always seem to be off in the distance and besides you’ve all seen lots of cows and horses, goats and sheep. We did find some curious llamas by the fence who agreed to pose for us.

Curious llamas

They are really quite good looking animals, don’t you think?

Baby llama

The local residents really like to collect old farm equipment.

Old farm equipment

Came across a field full of old tractors on display by the road at a very prosperous looking farm.

Old Oliver tractor

orange tractor

Yellow tractor up close

They even had an old gas pump at their drive with their name and address.

Old Fire Chief gas pump. Texaco is no longer in Canada, I think there might still be some stations in the US

Made an interesting landmark.

Supertest sign

Gas station memorabilia is on display everywhere featuring signs and gas pumps  for fuel companies that no longer exist.

Cool Motor pump

Cities Service pump

Cities Service sign

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that there are many great shots I’ve missed for the lack of a camera. Here is an example of the great missed shot.

Burned tires

On our way into town we came upon a burnt out shell of a combine at the edge of a field- and me without my camera.

Burned field

Next day when we went back all that was left to photograph was this blackened field. Don’t know what caused the fire but the weather was extremely hot and dry, maybe some dust from haying ignited or maybe it was faulty wiring. Fortunately the fire was contained and only a small area of the field was scorched, the blaze could have taken off and caused a lot of destruction.

Roadside stand

Everywhere you travel in the countryside are signs by the road promoting the wares of enterprising farmers. There are farm stands selling local produce eggs, corn, zucchini, beans and beets. Mennonite housewives sell flowers from their gardens and on Fridays and Saturdays they have fresh baking and pickles and jams for sale to the campers and cottagers driving by on their way to their weekend in the country.

Swans & poodles for sale

The most interesting sign was Swans for Sale. Just what everyone needs.

Swans for sale

I know I said no cow pictures but I couldn’t leave farm country without at least one, these guys (or gals) were right by the fence so I couldn’t resist.

Cows up close

Windmill vanes. Put this picture in because I thought it was cool


One comment on “Sights by the Road”

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting me so that I would return to your beautiful countryside tours! Lots of these captures are great reflections of the everyday scenery where I live with one MAJOR difference — where are the Holsteins???? Those beautiful black and whites decorate every farm landscape here (with an occasional farm that raises Black Angus). We have one cow for every three people in my central PA county! If you are travelling and can get to Harrisburg, Pa, the second week in January, we have the largest indoor ag exhibition on the East Coast. It is a week-long event called simply “The Pennsylvania Farm Show”. Amazing! Mitchell Kyd

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