Gnome Sweet Gnome

When I installed my little garden gnome I had no idea what I was doing. I thought he was just a cute little garden ornament who would fit in nicely in our woodland campsite. He’s always been a solitary little fellow, not very demanding, just stayed put wherever I set him down, but it seems I’ve brought him to a hotbed of gnomedom.

They even welcome you in!

They’re everywhere

It didn’t take very long to discover gnomes everywhere. On our evening walks, we discovered more and more of these little fellows. There are shy ones, lazy ones, gnomes that have jobs they work hard at and some that just hang around looking cute.

lazy gnome

shy gnome

By the fountain

I’ve never seen so many gnomes in one place, except maybe at garden centers. We must have had an infestation. The only other place that might rival our park for the quantity of gnomes is Lilydale, New York, where they not only welcome gnomes, they’ve even built fairy houses to shelter all sorts of the “little people” but that’s another blog topic that I might get to sometime down the road.

In the garden

Gardening gnome

The only gnomes I’ve seen here are boys, the girl gnomes must be very timid because not one has been sighted in the area. They must also like the rural life, I don’t remember there being so many in our city neighborhood.

Gnome and owl friends

Rock gnome

Although gnomes originated in Germany and migrated through the Netherlands and Sweden, they are now overrunning Canada and the U.S. They stand about two spans in height (a span is the distance between your thumb tip across your hand to the tip of your pinky finger).

all in red

Look up. Look way up.

Some other facts you should know. They can move through the earth as fast as we can move through air and they are said to live underground, preferably near man, but they are very elusive,only coming out at night.

Gnome place like home

Folklore tells us that most gnomes wear pointy red hats to protect them from being bird pray and their diet is vegetarian, eating nuts and seeds and of course lots of toadstools, so that explains why you often see them near toadstools.

Toadstools, their favorite food

There are legends about gnomes tidying up gardens and tending to farm animals, but I think our garden gnomes are more party animals. I like to imagine them getting together in the common areas of the park for fun and games.

Football fan gnomes

Let’s party!

I know our guy seems to be happier with so many new friends.


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