Neustadt- Small Town Ontario

Boy is it HOT! How hot you might ask? Well, yesterday afternoon our Acu-Rite weather sensor registered 105 F at the back of our fifth wheel (that’s 36 C). The issue with us is that Mike loves the heat and although I love warm summer days, this is just too hot. Mike also hates air conditioning. He could sit here in temperatures in the high 90’s and not even notice it. I on the other hand am dripping, even my hair is wet. So we have to have some sort of compromise. When my whining gets too excessive and I refuse to cook the air goes on. In these temperatures I just sit and veg. I can’t  think or even read. While we were inside yesterday afternoon hiding from the heat the park maintenance crew pulled out the trailer behind us and removed the adjoining deck and shed. I don’t know how they stood the heat.  We didn’t even go outside to watch.

Faith on the raft

Hope goes for a ride

Hope everyone had a great July 1st or July 4th. We had Diana and Patrick visit us for the day. The weather was perfect, cooled off just enough to be comfortable outside. Went down to the lake with the dogs to cool down.


Early in the afternoon we visited the small berg of Neustadt which is nearby. It’s a special place nestled in the farmland of Southern Ontario, with two claims to fame. Harrowsmith Magazine named Neustadt one of Canada’s 10 prettiest villages and it is the birthplace of John Diefenbaker, the Prime Minister of Canada from the late 50s to the early 60s.

Brewery flowers

Old shed

This area of Ontario has a strong German and Dutch heritage and you can see their influence in the old stone houses built by the original stone mason settlers and the numerous Lutheran Churches dotted around the countryside.

Noah’s Inn

The main business in this village is the Neustadt Brewery originally started in 1859 as the Crystal Springs Brewery which was sold and reopened as a craft brewery in 1997, in the original old building.

Brewery sign

Neustadt Brewery car

Outside is a small beer garden where you can enjoy a cold one in a relaxed rural setting and if you like you can purchase all their different offerings to take with you.

Antique market

Antique Market entrance

The antique market is housed in the old mill that has been renovated, so you can see all the working detail. I love buildings like these.  Lots of interesting old things too, but I didn’t buy anything.

Happy Canada Day

Old garden gate

Bikes for sale

No room in the fifth wheel. Saves a lot of money that way, besides I’ve got stuff just like that in storage.

There are several restaurants, a general store, a library (small)  and a permanent yard sale, but I think the village is being discovered.

Fine Dining

Library- only open two days a week

A few boutique type stores are opening on the main street and when I tried to take pictures outside I was told that photos were not permitted. What’s with that?

Got a picture anyway

Everywhere you can see the pride the residents have for their small community.

Street flowers

This is the location of the Lobsterfest mentioned in a previous post where they served 1500 diners. All the old homes are maintained and any renovations reflect the original design, not like Mississauga (my original home) where if it’s old it comes down to make room for a monster home. All the lawns and gardens are well kept, and the community has the most beautiful hanging flower baskets on the main street through town.


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