Boscoe Floats

It’s official. Summer is finally here. We’ve had our longest day of the year and it’s downhill from here on, the days growing shorter till winter. Had some really hot weather the last few day and Environment Canada is predicting a hot, dry summer for all of Canada. I’m not complaining mind you. After a long Canadian winter we Canucks need to soak up as much summer sun as we can.

Get on

Going floating

Boscoe & Dad

Made a raft for the dog by covering an air mattress with tarp so he couldn’t puncture it with his sharp claws. Didn’t take much encouragement to get him up on it, and to settle down and ride comfortably. He especially likes to ride with dad.

General Store

Tractor tires

Fordwich Tire Shop

Not too far from our campground is the small town of Fordwich. Not much there, a few houses,a general store and a tire shop. It was here that we purchased a couple of inner tubes for us to float on the lake.

Blowing ’em up

The plan is to float across the lake, Boscoe on the air mattress and the two of us on the inner tubes. Tried a couple of dry runs around the spot where we intend to pull out. The wind wouldn’t let me get out too far, but the dog was quite calm on his little raft. The big float will have to wait for a calmer day.

Having fun

Boscoe loves the lake. He’s not much for swimming, though he can, but he would hunt for frogs in the reeds just off shore for hours, if we let him. And now he has discovered fishing!

I know I can get one if I keep trying



This is great fun, rushing back and forth in the shallow water chasing minnows and sun fish, he never catches anything, but he’s a terrier so it’s the hunt that counts.

A break from the water. Chewing a stick

With all these water sports he’s getting a bit ripe, I guess it’s bath time.

Sunning snake

Discovered this Northern Water Snake sunning himself by the lake, not dangerous unless you’re a fish.

Unwelcome feeder visitor

Update on the birdfeeder: somebody does like it, just not who I would have wanted.


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