Fathers Day with the Family

A good reason to get the family together. I remember when we lived in our stix and brix home I always hosted the family bbq. Now that we live in our home on wheels its not quite as easy. Especially if the weather is not so great. Not much room in the fifth wheel.

Janet & Gerald

Diana & Patrick

So the hosting has passed on to the younger generation. We all converged at Diana’s home for a pool party and burgers. Fortunately the weather was just perfect for outdoor entertaining.

burgers on the bbq.

We were all there, My two girls and there other halves, our four grandchildren, my brother, and everybody’s dogs.

Lexi the Westie

Hope & Faith

Boscoe loves a party

The pool was  where the kids had to be, it was way too busy for my liking, took a pass on the swimming for a quieter day.

Ball goes over the fence

Rescuing the ball

We all had a great time, just your typical family get together, lots of food and fun, and no work for me. We were able to eat vegan by bringing our own veggie burgers and a bean salad. Still it was difficult just being a guest. The family claims I’m just a little controlling. Can’t imagine.

The perfect burger

Too much partying 

Always at the center of the party


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