Critters Who Share Our World

I’m learning to take my camera every where with me. Guaranteed if I don’t have it with me I’ll miss the perfect shot. After weeks of evening walks without my camera I’ve missed too many good pictures.

Finally got this picture of a painted turtle

Finally got a picture of a turtle, but never did get the raccoon at the dumpster.

The elusive groundhog

There are lots of critters here in the country and we have to remember it is their home all year and we are the visitors.  A groundhog lives under the neighbor’s shed, which provides Boscoe hours of entertainment. That beast knows just how long the dog’s rope is so he wanders around just out of reach, much to Boscoe’s frustration.

Maybe he chewed my parsley

Boscoe spends many an hour at the end of his rope quivering with excitement waiting for his chance at him.

Swallowtail pair

The insect population is abundant, lots of deer flies and mosquitoes wanting your drop of blood. The butterflies are busy at the lilac bush next door.

Butterfly in the grass

I’ve never seen so many in one place at at one time.

Busy bee

Bees are also taking advantage of the flowers, but the most interesting insect visitor is the Clearwing or Sphinx Moth, commonly known as the Hummingbird Moth.

Hummingbird moth

The first time  I saw one of these I thought it was a baby hummingbird, except it didn’t have a beak and it had antennae, about half the size of a hummingbird it hovers over the blossoms just like a hummingbird.

See his antennae

Dragonfly up close


Dragonflies are every where, and so tame.

They’ll even land on you

Have spent many a productive afternoon sitting outside near the bird feeders hoping to catch some shots of birds. Hummingbirds regularly visit the two feeders we put out for them, but when I sit by the feeders they stay away. Remember in a previous post I mentioned that the birds didn’t seem to like safflower seeds? They still don’t! Went out and bought sunflower seeds to mix in with the safflower and so far I get a few chickadees.

No birds at the feeder

Everybody else have cardinals, blue jays, rose breasted gross beaks, baltimore orioles at their feeders and they need a traffic cop to control the goldfinches and purple finches. Meanwhile our lovely feeder sits idle.

Wren nest

The bird house in the yard next door has a nesting pair of house wrens, for such small birds they sure make a racket, and they don’t stay still long enough to get their portraits taken.

Chip & Dale

Although we havn’t attracted too many birds, our feeder has attracted chipmunks and red squirrels, these are not timid animals. Other campers feed them peanuts, so they expect a handout  from  any human sitting outside.

Chip eating

I’m reminded of the Disney cartoon characters, Chip and Dale, always scurrying  from here to there, getting into all sorts of mischief.

Dale having a drink

Although we don’t feed them, other than the seeds dropped from the feeder, they are eternal optimists checking us out, Maybe they can score. They approach closely, even under our chairs. I know if we start feeding them they will become pests and the dog would have a nervous breakdown from trying to hunt them all.

Having all this wildlife around gives me so much pleasure. Every day something new shows itself and I feel good to be here and part of it.

Dale on the table

P.S. just finished writing this post and during our dinner outside we had a pair of goldfinch at the feeder and even had a small skirmish when a second male tried to join them.


2 comments on “Critters Who Share Our World”

  1. What lovely pictures! The chipmunk is adorable, and I love the variety of critters you’ve photographed. I, too, have learned to take my camera with me everywhere I go – even if I just go to sit outside a few minutes. We must be eternal optimists like the chipmunks, I suppose…Of course this afternoon I didn’t have my camera when I went to take the dog outside and so I missed photographing the dragonfly hovering near the front door. Thankfully, you took a photo of one 🙂

  2. Ruth, I love this posting! I feel like I was sitting right at your side while the critters came for a visit and scurried away again. What a treat! I’ve dreamed and still do, of someday selling everything and traveling the U.S. in a camper or something and blogging about it. I would love to do that! Of course, I have a small puppy and a cat, so I’m unsure how that would work out. But time’s a wasting, so I’d better get off this doggone sofa and do it! Yes? Love your blog, your writing, your pics, and your wonderful point of view! Keep up the GREAT work, girlfriend! xoxo Julia

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