Lobster trap

We went to the annual lobster, crab and steak dinner this past Saturday, an annual event put on by the Neustadt Lions Club.

Advertising always pays off

I know, I know I said we were eating a plant based diet and we are, mostly. It's just there are some things you can't pass up. This was one event we looked forward to during our cold winter in Milton.

Lobster ready to serve

The past couple of years we  purchased one lobster meal and one steak meal and split them, but this year we both had lobster.

How to eat a lobster

Along with generous sides of baked potatoes, carrots, corn, coleslaw and rolls we each got TWO lobsters! What a feast.

If you prefer. Crab legs

For sale were beer and wine, soft drinks, tea or coffee and best of all, homemade pies of all varieties. (I had pecan, Mike had rhubarb and we shared.)

Get the message?

They really were homemade

This is a totally volunteer run event and  well run  at that. They served between 1300 and 1400 people in 3 hours. All tickets are pre- sold and they sell out every year.

Lots of eaters

Long line, at least an hour wait

Held in the arena, there is plenty of seating for all these people, but if you get there late (around 5:30) your wait in line will be about 1 hour. Hard to believe that many people live in this rural community but they come from miles around and they are mostly farm folk.  Remember, this is rural Ontario where they roll up the sidewalks at 8 P.M. Sort of like in our Texas RV park where if you're on time for an event, you're late.

Finally at the front of the line

The steaks are bar-b-q'd outside on large grills.

Steaks on the grill

Large propane fueled vats are  for cooking the lobster and crab legs which are shipped precooked, frozen from the east coast the day before the event.

Lobster vats

Out in the parking lot behind the arena everyone is hustling to get the all those hungry eaters fed. Like a well oiled machine everyone worked in sync to get the job done.

To the cooker

The weather was perfect, not too hot and most importantly, no rain.

All steamed up

This year Ron & Margo from our previous summer home came with us and had a great time, sorry guys the picture I took of you didn't turn out but maybe next time.

Don't let that face fool you, We had a great time

This was a great event, typical for country living where everyone knows their neighbors and it's a great opportunity to touch base during a busy planting season.


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