We Got a Shed and a Deck

Jack in the Garden

Put some lawn ornaments out. Some of this stuff travels everywhere with us so we can personalize our site wherever we are. Some is just too heavy or fragile to be carted around the country. We bring that out of storage only when we’re settled for the summer.

The traveling garden gnome

Most of these things have been with us a long time. The gnome is showing his age and the pumpkin and toad house are just getting the right patina, now, after many years in our garden at home and on the road.

Never yet had a resident

New, are the dog and butterfly, purchased here, in Mount Forest.

Spot the dog

The crane came from our campground in Texas, where a couple had a nice little business making them.There was a choice between the cranes or pink flamingos.

Texas crane

Wild life abounds here. Lots of chipmunks and red squirrels and a ground hog that lives close by that is driving Boscoe crazy.

Garter snake

Snake in the grass

Saw this little fellow in our front yard, he was the only animal that moved slowly enough to get a picture.

 Have hung a hummingbird feeder on our back window. Very popular. We also put up a large bird feeder in the front. It was recommended that we use safflower seeds as the big blackbirds don’t like them. So far nobody likes them. There went a quick $30.

Leveling the shed

Were able to purchase a used shed and deck from the park and the park staff delivered and installed them for us.

Coming up the road

Is she level?

Now our site looks so nice, settled, finished and tidy. I love it. We were even able to acquire an old bar fridge. We can keep it in our new shed!

All cleaned up

It will come in handy storing all the fresh vegetables we use for our juicing. Will probably also  use it  for cold beverages as our trailer fridge is small. What will we do with these things when the season is over you might ask? Who knows, we’ll think of something.

Installing the weather station

After two weeks here Mike finally got his weather station installed and for the record, right know it says the temp. is 85 deg. inside and outside (air conditioner still not fixed, maybe next week.)


Up the ladder

Sun is shining and no wind. But could have gone outside to find that out.


One comment on “We Got a Shed and a Deck”

  1. This is a great read, Ruth! I enjoyed all your pics tremendously and find RV living to be a facinating prospect. Thanks for sharing a small slice of your life with the rest of us! xo Julia

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