Our Home for the Summer

Waiting canoes

Wow! What a great May 24  holiday weekend we’ve had! Temps. in the high 80s, low 90s. perfect for all the weekend campers.

Waiting for the weekend

There were swimmers in the lake (I dipped my feet in and the water was not bad considering there were frost warnings Wed. and Thurs. nights), early, but considering the mild winter and wacky spring we’ve had, not surprising.

In our site. It was tough getting in. Needed help.

It’s so peaceful here during the week. The only noises you hear are bird songs and the breezes through the leaves.

Flowers for my inner farmer

Come Friday weekenders start rolling in and the lawnmowers and weed whackers start up. Then there are the barking dogs, playing children and returning campers greeting each other after a long winter. You can feel the excited energy in the air as people gear up for a fun filled weekend, and then the golf cart parade starts. Ever noticed that the people who use golf carts are often the ones who need to get out for a good walk?

Trilliums in bloom. Ontario’s flower

Walking trail

The smell of cooking meat wafts over the park and as new vegans I’m not sure how we feel about that. It was a lot easier in the winter in a closed trailer, couldn’t smell our neighbors cooking.

Welcome back

The band

Sunday was the annual Welcome Back Reception. We were planning on attending to meet the other campers,but as it was so hot we had to turn on the air conditioner in the trailer for Boscoe. Guess what? It didn’t work!

At the doggie beach

We couldn’t leave him in the hot trailer, soooo I went to the reception for a half hour and Mike took him to the doggie beach where I joined them later. The doggie beach was way more fun, and we had a happy boy, the dog that is.

One cool doggie

He shakes

This is a big weekend for garage sales. We passed by a lot of them, after all there is nothing we need. We already carry too much.

Couldn’t resist this

Couldn’t pass up the shed sale, though. It looked more like a permanent thing, but they had some interesting stuff, especially the old car.

What fun to have a ride in this

Now that we’ve got ourselves settled, time for a good cleaning. I always feel more like tackling the big jobs when I can have all the windows and doors open.

What a mess!

Did the bedroom closet last week, couldn’t believe how much was in there.

All of this came out of there

Plan on doing all the cupboards before we head south in the fall. No rush, though I’m counting the days.

This did too

It’s now Monday afternoon of the holiday weekend and you can feel the park breathing a sigh of relief as the vacationers leave. There is a quietness that descends over the park that is very peaceful and still. So we few full time campers get our park back until the next weekend.

Peace until next weekend


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