Moving On

Hurry up and wait

This post is about moving out of winter Milton and staying at the dealer for repairs.

As of right now we are settled into our summer campground and it’s everything we hoped it would be. But that’s the topic for my next post.

Drying out the room tarps

Putting insulation into storage

Was a big job getting ready. All the insulation had to come down and be disposed of. Remember I said it would probably go into storage?  Well I was partly right, The big sheets we stored but the smaller stuff were thrown out.

Winter necessities no longer needed

Many trips to storage and we got all of our winter gear away,including that darn rebounder.

Folding up that darn rebounder

Left Milton around 12:30 P.M. on Monday, May 7th for a two and a half hour drive north to Hanover Ont.

Ready to go

I was so happy to be on the move again, couldn’t believe how emotional I was on the trip. It was a long winter, I guess and I was looking forward to a great summer.

Arrived at the dealer’s and it promptly started to rain, not just rain, it poured, for hours.  That meant when the workers came in they tracked in lots of sand.

The porch for waiting

Spent two nights at the dealer’s getting warranty work done. This is their busiest season with everyone wanting to take delivery of their new, or new to them, trailers by May 24th holiday weekend. Kicks off the summer season for us here in Canada. This meant staff was spread pretty thin and we waited, sometimes hours  just  to get a simple 10 minute job done.

Trailers to expore

Took a lot of walks, Checked out all the trailers for sale (they leave them open, used and new), always looking for another trailer we might like better than ours. So far we havn’t found one.

On the porch-WAITING

Sat on the porch and watched it rain.

Curious cows

Visited a neighboring farm, Boscoe wanted to chase the cows but their horns looked pretty vicious.

Finally around 1:30 on Wed. afternoon we left for Walkerton where we parked on the street in front of a t.v. store to have a new DVD player installed for our bedroom t.v. Only in small rural towns like these can you do things like that.

What’s up there?

What’s in here?

What’s up here? Birds nesting.

Arrived at Driftwood, our new summer home a little after 4 P.M. and with the help of the staff we wrestled this beast into our site. We are gradually getting set up for the summer, but more on that next time.


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