St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

Horse harnessed and ready for auction

St. Jacobs is a must see destination for all visitors to Southern Ontario. Nestled in the farm country north of Kitchener, it gives you a taste of  the old and new all in the same site.

Horse tours

Fueling up, a lot cheaper than diesel

This is a true farmers’ market, with produce trucked in from surrounding areas, although a lot has to have been imported.

Imported corn

Example, the corn could not have been grown in Canada (at least not this year), can’t imagine how that stuff tastes. But people were buying it. Must have been city folks.

Local mushrooms

This years maple syrup

There are rows of outdoor vendors selling everything from produce to clothing and crafts. We bought the first of this year’s  local asparagus, a real treat, and at this time of year they are starting to bring in bedding plants and seeds.

T shirt anyone?

Gourd bird houses

Purple flowers ready for the garden

Especially appreciated in the winter are two large buildings. One houses vendors selling meat, fish, cheese and baked goods. Our favorite is the booth that sells Middle Eastern food, Hummus, Babba Ganoush, Tabouleh and Samosas.

Interesting tea pots

Homemade pickles

Fresh juice

The other building has mostly crafts, clothes and a food court. We prefer to get our lunch from the booths outside. There is a Dutch fish truck which sells great fried fish. We had grilled salmon on a bun. Delicious.

Dill pickles on a stick

Mike enjoying a pickle

The livestock market is a big draw for the local farmers, mostly Mennonites. This past weekend was their annual horse auction, and let me tell you it was a big event.

At auction

This is Mennonite country and I had no idea how many there were until I saw a couple thousand of them congregated in one place.

A crowd of men

For the men this was serious business and so many of them surrounded the ring, it was a sea of black jacketed men, all wearing straw hats. For the women it was more of a social event, a time to visit, shop the market and even walk down the road to the recently built Walmart (gasp).

The old and the new

The dichotomy between the old ways of the Mennonite  farmers and the our modern lifestyle is evident everywhere in the market.

Mennonite on a cell phone

They seem comfortable in their life but you can see some of our conveniences creeping into their world.

Buggies or trucks

On Monday, May 7 we will be leaving this campground for our summer home and it will take about a week before our internet is set up. I hope to have a post out next Saturday, all about our moving experiences.


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