Blender ready to go

In last week’s post I mentioned we were eating a plant based diet, no meat, no dairy, no eggs, almost no sugar and I’m also avoiding wheat, and the nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and egg plant). I know most of you are thinking,” What’s left?”  Well I have to admit that what I miss the most is pizzaThere is nothing about pizza that we can have. Not the wheat crust, or the tomato sauce, which is nightshade, as are the green peppers. Not to mention the mozzarella cheese and the pepperoni. All the good flavor stuff.

Lookin' good

I’ve tried making vegan pizza using kamut dough, which is good, and piling on all kinds of veggies, but without the tomato sauce and cheese it just isn’t pizza.

Now I’m not complaining here, this lifestyle isn’t about what you can’t have as it is more about concentrating on what you can have. We’ve tried so many new things, and enjoyed so many more new eating experiences that we don’t really miss the things we’ve chosen not to have, except for pizza. We eat as much we want until we’re satisfied and never have that bloated or overfull feeling when we’re finished. I’m not saying we’ll never eat those things ever again, if we’re visiting friends we aren’t that rigid but when we’re at home alone we enjoy eating this way. I never thought I would say that, but we really do like this lifestyle.

Last post was all about our juicing experiences and I mentioned I would do a post on smoothies. So here goes.

Frozen banana and almond milk

Smoothies come in all forms. A lot of people make green smoothies using a variety of fruits and vegetables  mixed with a liquid, usually water,using a high speed blender. Popular ingredients could be spinach, parsley, and of course kale, the new “in” vegetable. The addition of fruit makes your smoothie taste less “green”. Good fruit choices would include apples, mangoes, peaches, all berries and bananas, and avocados give your smoothie a thick, rich consistency. Sometimes raw nuts or flax seeds are added.

CHOCOLATE protein powder

The blender we have isn’t powerful enough to break down all these ingredients to make a smooth drink, the one most recommended is the VitaMix blender, you know, the one demonstrated at the Home Show and similar exhibitions. Our blender can’t break down the fiber enough to make a smooth drink, you can feel the chunks in your mouth,  yuk.

Some additions

I start with unsweetened almond milk, added to that is a frozen banana (the riper the better) and two ice cubes. This makes your smoothie thick, and colder is better. Right now I’m using a raw, vegan protein powder, chocolate flavor. Then I add all sorts of things like greens powder,non GMO lecithin powder, gelatinized maca powder and a shot of pure cacao. The cacao is necessary to disguise the flavor of the chlorella, I call it pond scum, which has a barnyard smell to it and tastes like  just what you might figure it to taste.

Additional stuff

And last but not least I put in a spoon of dehydrated blueberry powder purchased at the liquidation store. See my post Big Bargoons @

The green stuff is chlorella and the brown stuff is cacao

Whirl it in the blender and enjoy. At least we do, my daughter Diana, was over on Sunday and I made her one, her reaction was ” ugh what did you put in this?” I guess it’s a matter of taste.


LUNCHTIME: A glass of juice and a smoothie make a great lunch, along with some whole grain crackers and some sprouts, keeps us going all afternoon. Lot’s of energy, no need for a nap.


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