Juicer ready to go

What awful weather we’ve been having. After the wonderful March warm spell, we’ve just had 4 days of cold, wet, miserable weather. Lot’s of rain and what I call mushy rain (snow mixed in). The humidity was so high inside  that all our windows were dripping wet and of course the dehumidifier is in storage. Finally the sun came out on Wed. and it’s starting to warm up again. Should be nice by the weekend. I hope that’s winter’s last blast.

Failed attempt at growing wheat grass

An update on my wheat grass. Ended up with 7 shoots and some moldy soil. Did some research and found I should probably have soaked the seeds first,  now I have some in water and will let you know how it goes.

Juicing my 7 wheat grass sprouts

Got a new juicer a few weeks back and been experimenting with it, an Omega 8005  Nutrition Center.  This winter has been devoted to having a healthier lifestyle, so we have adopted a mostly vegan diet.

Lots of greens

Vegan means consuming a whole lot more vegetables (while eliminating all animal protein) although we do have the occasional fish meal. Thought it would be difficult as we do love a good barbeque’d steak and nothing beats Texas barbeque, but we’ve managed quite well and have enjoyed lot’s of new things.  Remember the kale chips from the Guelph Farmer’s Market post?      https://rlogan1155.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/guelph-farmers-market/

We ‘ve become addicted to those and sweet potato fries are delicious.

Chopped veggies

Still it can be a challenge to get all those veggies in, thus the juicer. I’m not going to get too technical here, there are lot’s of experts out there on you tube if you want to learn more, this is just about our experience.

Juiceman centrifugal juicer

There are two types of juicers on the market. The centrifugal juicer chews up the fiber and filters the juice through a screen. We have had one of these for years and used it sporadically because it was a lot of work to clean (The Juiceman Juicer above). They’re less expensive but if you factor in the cost per use it’s not really a saving.

They called this alien brain, but it's just celery root

The other is a masticating type which grinds up the veggies using a screw type device. We, like this one better because it’s easier to clean, it runs slowly (75)rpm as a result it doesn’t heat up, meaning the enzymes are not killed in the process and it is way quieter. The pulp is drier so you’re getting more juice.

The pulp

An aside here, whenever I say we, I really mean Mike, I have nothing to do with the juicer. I just drink the stuff. My job is to make the smoothies. A topic for my next post.

Still it takes about 30 to 45 minutes from washing and prepping the veggies to washing and putting the juicer back together. It seems like a long time, but to put it into prospective. How long does it take to get your dinner ready and clean up after?

One warning. When you start drinking fresh juice, only take a half glass and work up to a full glass over a week or two. Too much at first might make your tummy a little uncomfortable.

The juice

The fridge in our fifth wheel isn’t big enough to hold all these vegetables so we had to get an electric cooler, that’s kept outside, to store the excess, but it really doesn’t last that long. We end up shopping for fresh vegetables  at least 2 or 3 times a week and we always try to buy organic whenever possible.  But what else have we got to do anyway?

As for the results, well we have lot’s more energy and feel good.


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