My Inner Farmer

April 15 after two weeks of growing

Full time RV living doesn’t lend itself to gardening and that ‘s one of the things I do miss about this lifestyle. In the summer I have a couple of planters full of annuals and in the fall I always have a big pot of mums, but when we’re on the road I don’t have anything. If you travel across the Canadian, American border you know it is prohibited to transport live plants, so the only indoor plants I have are potted plants that aren’t meant to live too long, and I do have a fake orchid that looks surprisingly real.

Just planted April 1

These don’t satisfy my need to grow things from seed, or putter around in the dirt, so I tried a bit of indoor gardening.

April 7, about a inch up

While browsing through some blogs (if I’m not writing ’em I’m reading ’em) I stumbled upon a blog on how to grow celery in a pot, indoors.

 Looked interesting so I gave it a try. I cut a bunch of celery about 2 in. from the bottom and planted  it about 1 in. deep in good potting soil.

Getting ready to pot

Within twenty-four hours you could see it growing in the center. After a week there was a bunch of green leaves and after another week the stalks were 3 inches. tall.

3 inches of growth

Not much but still a bit of green inside is nice and I’m not so committed that I can’t leave it behind.

Wheat grass

Had a nice big pot of wheat grass  (that’s my farm),  that we used for juicing. That’s all gone now, so I’m starting to grow my own.

Wheat grass kit

Planted 4 days ago and so far I have 4 shoots up. Not a great start, the instructions say you should be harvesting in 5 to 7 days. I don’t think so.

Four wheat grass shoots so far

Our most important “garden” is our three-tier sprouter. This gives us fresh greens that can be used in salads, soups, and sandwiches.

Sprouts ready to eat

I know you can buy sprouts in the grocery store, but these are fresh, they taste better, are cheaper and look pretty on the counter. I’ve always  got 1 tier ready to eat, 1 tier coming along and 1 tier just started, which gives me a constant supply of fresh sprouts.

Pretty on the counter

It’s not a lot but it’s my small way of controlling what I eat.Organic  and healthful.


One comment on “My Inner Farmer”

  1. Wonderful! The sprouts look so tasty. That is something I have been wanting to try out one of these days. I want to try out full-time RV living too (but the writer and Mr. Kitty have a say in it too : ). Keep up the great work!

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