We Found Our New Home (for the summer)

Canada Moose, our traveling mascot

When I started this blog way back in Dec. my intention was to chronicle our winter experiences living in an RV,  in Canada, in the winter.  As  I’ve been bitten by this blogging bug,  now that winter is over my focus has changed, to summering in Canada and then getting ready to head south next winter.

The office

You might remember from previous posts that you aren’t permitted stay in Milton Heights all year (a local bylaw), so we have to leave here soon. Even though it’s a nice campground, I have to admit I have a severe case of “hitch itch”‘ so it’s time to move on.

Farmer's field by the entrance

This past weekend we found our summer campground, just about an hour south of Owen Sound ON. in the Grey Bruce area of Southern Ontario, countryside I love so much. It’s a seasonal park so there will be no weekend campers. Farm country surrounds the park and it is a very secluded spot, so it should be very quiet.

There is a large lake for swimming and fishing, no motorized water craft allowed, only the human propelled type.

The lake

More lake

There is even a dog swimming hole, Boscoe will love that. Mike wants to rig up an inner tube so he, the dog that is, can float onto the lake with us. Dog heaven.

Checking out the dog swimming spot

Dog swimming area

Maybe we’ll find a canoe or paddle boat somewhere cheap like Craig’s list or Kijiji. Or maybe a liquidation store!  We already bought an air mattress, brand new, still in the box for $5. I can feel myself floating on the lake, in the hot sun. Can’t wait. Had lunch in the truck (it was a cool day) over looking the lake, it was so peaceful, we look forward to picnicing by the lake come summer.

Even the birds love their RV


This is a very large park with well over 300 sites, spread out over 3 sections so it has the feel of a much smaller park.

Our site

Some neighbors

We will have a large grassed site in the adult section, although in the time that we’ve been full timing it isn’t the children that are the problem.


Activities hall

There are two rec halls, a tennis court, and horseshoe pits, new laundry facilities and washrooms. No pool, though, but I prefer lake swimming anyway, even though it wont be heated, and I do have  issues with chlorine.

Some of the wildlife

Our plan is to pull out of here on May 7th, spending the night in the dealer’s parking lot for some warranty work, to be done the next day, and then moving into the park when the work is finished.

Another neighbor

Lot’s to do before we go. All that insulation that we so carefully fitted around the fifth wheel now has to come off and be disposed of. It took two trips from Home Depot to get it here and now we may just throw it out. That’s not really like us, most probably it will go into storage. Mike plans on putting back the little room under the front, so we’ll keep that.

Visitor parking

The trailer needs a good scrub inside and out, but that might have to wait till we get there. The truck needs an oil change and new filters and the tires all round need to be checked before we tow. We have an appointment for that next week.

We also have to get in supplies for things we use regularly that aren’t available there, like my coffee substitute and Chinese tea. Will take a trip to the Organic Garage for some of their great produce, and definitely get our hair done before we leave.


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