Good Friday at the Hobby Farm

Faith meets a horse

A day for the family to get together. We all converged on Janet’s (my oldest)  for an Easter dinner. She lives north of Toronto, about a 2 hour drive from us.

Garlic just coming up

The weather was a little cool, but sunny so we could enjoy the outdoors.

The motley crew

Besides the indoor pets of 1 dog, 2 guinea pigs, 1 snake and a lizard, there is a motley crew of ducks.

Moe, the young alpaca weighs 75 pounds now

She has 4 alpacas, one born just last September, with another on the way, 2 horses and 1 pot bellied pig.

Charisma and Ohana, the horses

The pig hates us and the feeling is mutual. All their other company can visit Heo, the pig, with no worries but we can’t go near his pen. Maybe it’s because we always have the dog with us and Boscoe, being a terrier, would really love to tangle with him. Watcha think?

Heo, the pig

There are plans in the works for some turkeys and chickens. More pets to feed, because I fear that  nobody will eat them even if there was someone that could kill them.

The tractor

A story that illustrates this is about the duck with a broken leg. One of their ducks had a run in with an alpaca and broke his leg. Now what do you do on the farm when an animal is injured? Right, well not on this farm. This duck spent a few weeks in duck hospital a.k.a the sun room, with a splint on his leg until he could walk again. He has a bit of a limp but he’s doing well. He even got baths in the bathtub to keep clean.

All this talk of animals and I didn’t mention the 4 kids (human type I  mean) Tina, Josh, Kurtis and Megan aged 14 down to almost 8. Megan has a birthday on May 8th.

Hunting blind

Moose poop

Hiked out to the back of the property and saw signs of wildlife. There’s a good picture of moose poop, thought you might like to see that. Also found the remains of a hawk kill.

Some poor bird didn't make it

You wouldn’t believe the difference a two hour drive north makes. Where we are, here in Milton, we have forsythia and daffodils blooming and the trees are budding out well. Up there,  they have no flowers and the trees are at least two weeks behind.

Pretty leaves

Dinner was great, lots of turkey and plenty of cranberry sauce (see the Christmas post) and Patrick and I both brought quinoa salad, both were good but very different. I guess there needs to be a little more communication when we’re bringing food.

It was nice to be with my whole family.


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