Summer’s Over, Spring is Back

A cold and windy day

After 2 weeks of summer like weather we are having normal spring conditions, bright sunny days with daytime temps. in the 40s F (around 5 or 6 C) dropping below freezing at night. Ouch!

daffodils blooming

Daffodils are blooming and the forsythia bushes are in full bloom, early for this part of the country.

So are the forsythia

Some of the markets are starting to sell spring planters, lot’s of pansies and bulbs.

Pansies for sale

Took this picture in a grocery store and was asked not to take any more without permission. Who’d  have thunk?

Don't take pictures in stores. They don't like it.

After a winter of grey and black and white it’s finally nice to see some color returning.

We started removing some of the things we needed to keep us comfortable during the cold winter months. The bedroom heater, and dehumidifier are in storage, along with the snow suits and I put away the hats and mitts. Now we have a lot more room. Except for the rebounder. Mike thought we needed more exercise in the winter so he brought it back from storage and put it in the living room. It never got set up so the only exercise we got was moving it from place to place when we wanted to sit somewhere, so when we were taking a trip to storage anyway I said “we’re not using this, we might as well take it back to storage.” Makes sense, right? Well, he fooled me. Now it’s set up in the kitchen/living room/dining room, and he’s using it and the only exercise I get is moving it from place to place when I want to sit somewhere. I could use it too but I have a bit of a stubborn streak. I might get around to it one day, but then what would I have to complain about?

Tree has to come down

Now that winter is over and the buds are out on the trees, you can see the  dead branches and rotting trees.

Half way down

One large poplar tree needed to be cut down and several needed trimming. These trees were near power lines or hanging over trailers so they had to call in the specialists.


Tree is down

Today we had arborists in to do the job. They were fast and efficient, and left the work site clean.


The chipper

They chipped all the branches, I was impressed  at how easily the chipper ate up some pretty big chunks, it will take pieces up to16 inches in diameter.


Into the truck

The bigger pieces, like the trunk, are taken to a recycling depot where they are chipped.

The stump

Not a single casualty, I couldn’t believe nobody came out to move their vehicles, very trusting.


In the bucket



I would have been chewing my nails if they were working near my trailer.


They were close

I know they have insurance, but still it would have wrecked my day if a branch had hit my trailer.


Boscoe climbs a tree

Boscoe helps

It’s good to watch  experts do their job well and it made for a great photo-op.


One comment on “Summer’s Over, Spring is Back”

  1. I love forsythia. It’s like sunshine on a stick 🙂

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