We Made it Through the Winter

Spring is finally here, and what a wonderful spring it has been. Our Wiarton Willie, see Groundhog Day post, was  right. http://rlogan1155.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/groundhog-day/  We’ve had two weeks of warm weather, up into the mid 70s F (20s C),  little bits of green are poking out of the soil and buds are swelling on the trees.

Stuff starting to come up

Buds are popping

Really unusual for this early in the season, don’t know if it will last but are enjoying it, even had to drag out our shorts and sandals.

Gathering nest material

This morning caught these pictures of a pair of crows picking up fur from a dog grooming session. Even nest building is early this year.

Boscoe's fur

All the preparations and insulation we installed last fall paid off, no frozen holding tanks or water lines and we stayed cozy inside all winter, but I have to say that the secret to surviving a Canadian winter in an RV is to pick your winter.  We were  lucky, but we don’t really want to do it again.

Awnings out doors and windows open

When I started this blog it was  my intention to do a picture tour of our campground blanketed in snow with lots of drifts and piles of the white stuff, but we never got enough for that, so I’ll do a spring tour instead.

At the road

Milton Heights Campground is the closest campground to Toronto on the west, located just north of the 401 hwy. (you can see it as you drive by on the hwy.) in the small town of Milton. The campground is open year round, but you can’t stay year round.

He stayed all winter with two chocolate labs. A tight squeeze.

There are the winter campers, like us, who are here from Oct. to May, some have already left. The summer seasonal campers, mostly road workers and other seasonal workers, stay all summer with their families, a few arrived this past weekend.

You can rent this

Snow birds use this camp as a stopping off place before crossing the border for the south and when they return in the spring it’s the first full service campground since Kentucky. A good place to empty tanks and rest up before heading on their final lap home, and there have already been a few, but the majority will start arriving  in April.

Also for rent. I'm told it's quite nice inside

Of course, in the summer, there are lots of weekend campers and vacationers who want a good place to stay while visiting Toronto.

Waiting for summer

This is a well run, clean campground. There is a pool and a playground and washrooms and laundries at each end of the park, so the walk is not  far.



An interesting feature in this park are the sewage lagoons at one end. The ducks and geese love them, I think there is a nesting pair of Canada Geese on the banks. The lagoons are quite pretty but you don’t want to get too near.

Sewage pond

There are no organised activities, but there is lots to do and see in the area to keep you busy.

Inukshuk welcomes visitors

We plan on being here until the end of April or mid May, depending on when our summer home opens, so if your driving by drop in, our door is always open.


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