A Cactus Grows in Hanover (Ontario that is)

Mount Forest entrance sign

It’s early March and even though we’ve had a mild winter we are enjoying the first really mild day giving us a taste of  the spring days to come. Saw two robins on Saturday, poor confused things;  and in this campground the surest sign of spring is the return of a few snow birds. Poor confused things, huddled in their RVs wondering why they came back so early. The red winged black birds are singing in the marsh behind us, I love their cheery calls, my favorite early spring sound.

Snow in a parking lot. Had to drive 2 hours to find it.

To get a taste of true winter you only have to drive two hours north to the towns of Mount Forest and Hanover Ontario where there is lots of the white stuff. We spent the last two summers in this area of southern Ontario and love the countryside. We’ve been to a lot of states in our travels and they are all beautiful in their own way, from the vast stretches of desert in New Mexico, the rolling hills of Kentucky, the lush greenery of Tennessee and the varied landsape of the Natchez Trace. Not to mention Texas which has it all, from the gulf coast, Rio Grande Valley, plains and desert wasteland.

Bed & Breakfast in Mount Forest

All special but every time I return to Mount Forest I think it rivals all these places. I’m home.This is true Farm country with rolling hills and large fields that are bare when we arrive in the spring and bare, also, when we leave in the fall. All summer long we watch the changing landscape as the crops are planted and grow. Glowing yellow fields of ripe rapeseed is a wondrous sight. This is  Mennonite country, so there is a quaintness here that you don’t find elsewhere. It’s not everywhere that you find hitching posts in the grocery store parking lots and you have to make way for horse and buggies while travelling along the roads.

At the grocery store

The small town atmosphere is very comfortable and we were very happy there.

Just waiting

Hanover, twenty minutes north of Mount Forest, is a larger town where everybody goes for their major shopping, they even have Walmart and Canadian Tire, but there are many interesting small shops on the main street. No chain stores and no malls.

Old fashioned soda fountain

Still a small town atmosphere, but a little more urban.

Old car on the wall of the soda fountain

There are so many lovely old farm homes and  in town you can find great examples of well maintained old houses.

An old town home

Sometimes we are tempted to buy one, but after looking after a heritage home for 36 years the thought of all the work quickly changes our minds.

Another old town home

We still love the freedom of RV living too much to settle down. Lots of time for that when we get really old.

A little bit of the south

The cactus we found aren’t real. Somebody cleverly constructed them out of fence posts, I think, they make your head turn because they’re out of place.

Cactus in the snow

Maybe someone was homesick for the desert.

We were up in Hanover last week, visiting the lovely countryside from a different vantage point than we’re used to. Snow covered fields are beautiful but we prefer the summertime vistas of growing corn, wheat, and soy beans. If you’re ever in southern Ontario it is worth the trip.


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