Guelph Farmers’ Market

Lots of fresh carrots

Saturday was one of those bright, sunny, but cold (just around freezing) days that makes you want to get outside. We took a trip to Guelph, about an hour’s drive west of Toronto, to visit the year round farmers’ market. Guelph is a university town, home of the U of Guelph and the Ontario Veterinary College, so there are a lot of young people in town, with a lot of things associated with a student population. Translation: bars and pubs. Our oldest daughter got her B.Sc. at this university so we are familiar with the city.

Sign at the entrance

The market is held indoors so it is open all year, only on Saturday  mornings. It caters to the “hippy type”, students and faculty; and vendors sell everything from the usual fruits & veggies, mostly organic, to hand crafted items. You can also buy organic meats and cheeses.

What's on the menu?

We saw homemade, artisan breads and baked goods made from special flours, good for people with food sensitivities or health food types, but there was a donut machine where you could watch your donuts being made and then enjoy them fresh and hot. You could get Chinese dumplings and Vietnamese salad rolls, really good. There were raw foodists selling the benefits of a raw food diet and a booth that sold only sprouts and wheat grass.

Lots of variety

A lot of crafters were selling their wares. Everything from jewelry and soap to candles and fabric crafts like quilts and childrens’ clothing. There was pottery and wood crafts and one artist had art made from junk and found objects, this was quite clever. A vendor from an alpaca farm was selling alpaca fleece products like duvets, hats and mittens. She had for sale alpaca socks at a price of $45 a pair, they are supposed to be the warmest and softest socks available, good for diabetics.


We bought lots of  beautifully fresh vegetables and ran into the usual problem, we couldn’t fit them all into our small RV fridge. The kale  was really fresh and made excellent kale chips. If you haven’t tried kale chips click

for the recipe, They’re surprisingly good, low in fat, and good for you.

Hand made beeswax candles

After the market we met my best friend from when we were little kids (I was 5 and she was 4)for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Big surprise there. Had a good old trip down memory lane with Dianne and her husband, Nelson for a couple of hours, you know the kind of stuff I  mean “remember when—, what ever happened to—, and wasn’t he a jerk?” sort of conversation in the restaurant before heading home.


Clever folk art

Meanwhile across the street at the city hall families skated on the outdoor skating rink. What a nice day for outdoor activities.

Open air skating rink

Had left over Chinese for supper. A great end to a great day.

Another great Chinese restaura.


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