Got My Hair Done, the perils of haircuts on the road

Amanda getting to work

You have no idea how hard it is to find a decent hairstylist or barber when your on the road. Before we started this adventure I’d been going to the same salon for 10 years and if my favorite stylist wasn’t available any of the other girls (or guys) could do a great job. Mike has been going to the same barber (Joe) for 51 years,  they were both young studs back then. But when your away from home for months at a time you need a trim occasionally.

Some of our experiences have been, well, experiences. Mike thought he’d try a cheap haircut in Progreso, a border town in Mexico that caters to the gringos. He picked his barber and negotiated a price of $3, they sat him  down in a plastic lawn chair by the street and they shaved him down, it was a butcher job. I wouldn’t let them near me.

I have found that in Texas the only hairdressers that I’ve been to were latinas with varying degrees of skill in the English language, and hairdressing. I don’t know how they passed their exams without any English.


At my first salon visit I asked for a cut and that’s exactly what I got. A cut. My stylist grabbed a spray bottle, wet down my hair and then cut it and sent me on my way. No wash, no blow dry, but it only cost $8 plus tip. The next time I needed a color, so she had to wash it and I insisted she dry it, and she said “but that will cost you more.” Hang the expense, go for it.

I thought if I got a referral that might be the way to go. So when a friend showed up with a lovely cut, she told me to go to WalMart. Off to WalMart I went to find that the stylist spoke almost no English and when I told her I wanted foil highlights and a color, She said ” I no do foil, only cap.”  So passe’.  After much difficult discussion she agreed to do foils. I was terrified in the chair, I had no idea what color I’d end up with, but it turned out OK. The cut was just mediocre but it would do. Six weeks later I went back for a trim and she cut it way too short. But it’s only hair. It’ll grow back,right?

Back view

Back home in Canada my experiences weren’t much better because I was looking for a stylist close to the campground whereI was staying , a two hour drive back to my old salon was too far. At least they speak English.Mike will go to the ends of the earth to get his hair cut at Joe’s.

All done

Finally I found Amanda at Otazzi Salon in Mississauga who is getting my hair back to the way I like it. That’s Amanda in the top picture. It has taken two visits so far to undo the results of too many poor haircuts, but we’re getting some length in the back and the color is great. Thanks Amanda.


3 comments on “Got My Hair Done, the perils of haircuts on the road”

  1. nice colour!

  2. What an awesome entry to see and read! And very good photos as well, I was trying to save them to my computer but it won’t seem to let me. The back-side shot looks fabulous! Thanks Ruth 🙂

  3. PS. I figured it out; I keep an organized “archive” of a lot of my work, throughout the years… Give Bosco a cuddle for me and hope to see you sooner than later.

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