Boscoe’s Exceptional Day, or a day in the life of a very spoiled dog

At the dog park

For boscoe it doesn’t matter where we’re staying. As long as he’s with his family he’s happy, but he really likes it here in Milton because we’re close to the off leash park, which is his very favorite place in the whole world.

Boscoe climbs on everything

So, he has to wait around the trailer all morning but when he sees us putting on our coats and boots he’s at the door making sure we don’t forget him. Out in the truck he gets his seat belt on for the 15 minute ride to the dog park, when we pull off the highway he’s up and whining, anxious to be there

I'll do anything for a treat

Finally at the park there is lots for him to do. He has to greet all his human friends first with lots of kisses and hugs and then its off to find trouble. There’s hide and seek in the bush, trees to climb, squirrels to bark at (because they never come down from the trees) and balls to chase but never bring back, he’s a terrier not a retriever, and if he can find another dog to chase him, that’s the best fun. It’s at the park that he finds  his favorite toy of all, the other guy’s ball. He waits for somebody to bring their dog’s special ball, preferably one that squeaks, when they throw it for their dog  Boscoe swoops in and steals it and won”t give it back. He makes it a game to stay just out of reach while everybody chases him to get it back. The only way to retrieve the ball is to ignore him until he loses interest.

Uh oh bath time

This winter has been so mild that often the ground is like a swamp, so on the way home we have to give him a bath, not his idea of a good time, but he’s stoic


Another great place to stop on the way home is Petsmart to get a new collar and a Rollover marrow bone, and while we’re there we have to check out the cats for adoption, all the guinea pigs and birds and the fish are pretty exciting too. A trip down the toy aisle is always fun and we can’t miss the treat aisle before heading for the cash where the nice clerk always has a cookie.

My second favorite place

Back home hang out on the bed until it’s time to turn in, and then he,s right up there between us taking all the covers, and the colder it is outside the closer he is to the top of the bed. A really cold night means head on the pillow, if we don’t kick him out. We usually do.

Not bad for a little guy who spent half of his first 7 months in a shelter, and had 2 families before he found his forever home.

It's a dog's life

Next life, I want to come back as my dog, It’s a pretty good life.


One comment on “Boscoe’s Exceptional Day, or a day in the life of a very spoiled dog”

  1. Oh geez. That’s my replacement right there!

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