Mike’s new toy

By: rlogan1155

Feb 09 2012

Category: RV Living - Full Time Experiences

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Shutter:1/0 sec

In the Box

Even though this has been a mild winter, so far, we spend so much more time indoors right now that we need some things to keep us from going stir crazy. Mike’s newest purchase is an AcuRite Wireless Weather Station. This gadget has provided hours of amusement. For Mike.

Complete weather station

It gives  both indoor and outdoor temps., indoor and outdoor humidity, wind speed/direction and wind chill. It also records rainfall and barometric pressure, has a clock and a calendar. Unfortunately it doesn’t do dishes or vacuum so I see little use in it, but Mike enjoys the technical aspects of it.

Outside Sensor

There is a weather ticker, which gives you all sorts of weather information including forecast and history, and the best feature for R.V.ers is the alarm that warns you about major changes in weather.

Weather station viewer

And, bonus, it’s small and compact so it doesn’t take up too much room when we’re on the road.

So right now the weather station tells me that the outdoor temp. is 33F (1C) indoor temp. is 70F (19C), wind chill is 29F. Outdoor humidity is 45% and indoor humidity is 39%. The wind is out of the west at 4 mph., 6 days without rain, we reached an outdoor high of 47F on Monday and an outdoor low of 17F this morning, which was our monthly low and our monthly high was 50F on Feb. 1. The moon phase  is waning gibous and the forecast calls for clear skies.

All set up

This is all you need to know,  a whole lot you might want to know and some things you don’t really care about.


Sensor having a picnic

One comment on “Mike’s new toy”

  1. You want weather you have to come here. No shortage of snow:) Looks interesting. What’s next, a Roomba?

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