Keeping warm

By: rlogan1155

Jan 30 2012

Category: RV Living - Full Time Experiences

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Heater No 1

It’s the end of Jan. and winter has settled in, although we’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t been too bad. Just 3 or 4 days of  -10 to -17 celsius ( that’s about 10 to 0 farenheit), mostly the temperature hovers around freezing a little above a little below, and not much snow. Although if all the rain we have had was snow we would have been buried.

The insulation we installed has made a big difference, no frozen water hoses or holding tanks, but  our furnace would be on constantly and it would be cold around the edges without some extra heaters.

Heater no 1 is in the living room, it is an electric, infra-red heater that looks like a wood stove, with an artificial flame, that we leave on all the time.

Heater No 2

In the bedroom there is an oil filled electric heater that we also leave on all the time, on low. It gives a nice, even, steady heat and keeps us comfortable on even the coldest nights.

Heater no 3 is the big gun when the temperature really drops. We got this idea from John (you know who you are John, and thank you). We bought a Mr. Heater, Big Buddy, which is a propane heater that is indoor safe and when we turn this one on it cranks up the temperature in no time. We never leave it unattended, it’s our back up only, but boy does it do the job.  Mr. Heater gives between 4,000 and 15,000 BTUs an hour.

100 pound tanks

In this weather our 30 pound propane tanks would need to be refilled every couple of days so we had to get a 100 pounder which lasts about two weeks depending on the weather.

I can’t forget to mention the heated water hose. Without the insulated wrap and heated wire our hose would be a popsicle, notice also the tap is below the frost level.

Heated water hose

All in all we’re pretty comfortable and if the weather outside is frightful we stay in.


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