Christmas in Canada

By: rlogan1155

Jan 19 2012

Category: RV Living - Full Time Experiences

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Christmas in our RV

Well now that I’ve figured out how to do this I’ll get down to the day to day  business of living in an the winter in Canada. To me the only benefit to staying in Canada over the winter is the family Christmas. It took me all of 5 minutes to put up my tree and decorate the trailer. Had my favorite holiday flower, an amaryllis  which was blooming beautifully right through Christmas week.

Roasting Turkey Dinner

We spent Christmas day at our oldest daughter, Janet’s home in Severn Bridge, a 2 hour drive north of here. They had just enough snow to make it feel like Christmas but not enough to make the drive unsafe. Lots of good food, I made a double batch of cranberry sauce because my grandchildren like turkey with lots of cranberry. I also made a wonderful baked salmon fillet that turned out perfectly.

Creme brulee

The day after, we call it Boxing Day, the whole family went to Diana,s new home, she’s our younger daughter. This was the first time she and her boyfriend entertained the lot of us and they did themselves proud. He is a chef and did all the cooking for 14 of us. The weather was quite mild and he was able to do a lot outside on the smoker. Everyone had a great time and we all went home with lots of left overs.

And homemade cinnamon buns

New Years was quiet. Spent the evening at home and were in bed before midnight. It was too cold and dark to go anywhere, not like last year in Texas where you could walk home at 12:05 after the party on a mild evening listening to the Mexican fireworks that went on for hours. New Years Day it took 5 minutes to put the tree and decorations away  ready for Christmas next year in Texas.

Waiting for dinner

Checking out the presents

Our girls


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